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Name: Shimo
Version: 4.0.5 (7199)

Mac Platform: 
Intel, 64-bit processor
OS X 10.9 or later

NEW -> Ked release that fix the privileged helper tool installation issue
Thanks goes to esskayarre for the precious feedback on the previosly posted
buggy release..

Link for more information:


VPN Client for Mac

Shimo is the most versatile VPN client for OS X and it enables really everybody to master secure network. It supports more protocols than any other VPN application out there! CiscoVPN, AnyConnect, IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP/L2TP, Nortel and even SSH connections are no problem for Shimo. Shimo is able to automate everything around your secure network connections: Establish connections automatically when you change your network location, execute AppleScripts on certain events or get notified about these events. This is just a very small excerpt of Shimo's capabilities. 

Main Features
• NEW Two-Factor Authentication
• NEW Statistics and Accounting
• NEW Export and Deployment
• NEW OS X Yosemite / El Capitan
• Highest Security Standards
• Optimized User Experience
• Multitude of VPN Protocols
• Concurrent Connections
• Automated Connections

Highest Security Standards
Cutting-edge technology ensures that your connections are secure and your data is safe. Shimo is based on the latest security technology available. Your privacy and the security of your data is protected when using Shimo to establish network connections. We made no compromises when it comes to security standards. Shimo provides encryption technology such as AES-256 which is even certified by governmental organizations, global enterprises and the military. But encryption is only as strong as its weakest link. As a consequence, our hash algorithms include SHA-2, the latest set of cryptographic hash functions. Additionally, secure cryptographic key exchange over insecure or public channels is enabled using the Diffie-Hellman (D-H) method. Likewise, passwords are often not sufficient to introduce security to a system. If your connection requires certificates, smart cards or one-time passcode tokens, such as RSA SecurID, our VPN client for Mac provides the necessary toolset through Extended Authentication (XAUTH).

Menu Bar Access
Shimo is only one click away – from everywhere! There is no need for any additional window to have full control over your VPN connections. Shimo can easily be accessed over the menu bar of OS X: Connect and disconnect VPN connections, access statistics and accounting information, or notice the secured IP address of connected accounts. User Experience is one of the core values of our product design philosophy. Consequently, there are no complicated configuration dialogs or hardly comprehensible settings. Shimo – the most sophisticated VPN client for Mac – enables with its lean design access and control in a simple and easy way.

VPN Protocols
There are no limitations regarding the use of VPN protocols. Shimo supports every major VPN protocol that is currently available: The widely used CiscoVPN, the very secure OpenVPN and all standard-compliant IPSec connections. It also handles Point-to-Point Tunneling (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunneling (L2TP) protocols. Even Cisco’s new Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol AnyConnect is supported by Shimo – the most flexible VPN client for Mac. Shimo also enables you to establish encrypted Secure Shell (SSH) connections including port forwarding for secure web browsing. There is no other VPN client for Mac which supports this variety of available protocols. If you want to have the all-in-one solution for your secure connections, Shimo is technology of choice. This feature is not only helpful, if you have to handle different types of connections, but rather in cases where your system administrator upgrades or changes the used protocol. With Shimo you are always prepared and ready to go.

Supported VPN Technologies

VPN Standards
• IPsec VPN
• L2TP and PPTP
• OpenVPN
• AnyConnect (Cisco SSL)

Automatic Configuration
• Mode Config (NETGEAR, Juniper Networks …)
• Cisco EasyVPN
• WatchGuard Mobile User VPN
• SonicWALL Simple Client Provisioning
• SonicWALL DHCP over VPN
• Cisco AnyConnect

• Host-to-Network (Split-Tunneling)
• Host-to-Everywhere (Tunnel All Traffic)
• Host-to-Host
• Remote DNS Handling
• Full IPv6 Support

Compatible Devices
• List of supported VPN gateway devices at
Shimo: VPN Client for Mac – for Everyone. | Technical Specification
Security Technologies Encryption Algorithms • AES-256, AES-192, AES-128 Encryption Methods • 3DES, DES, DES-IV64, DES-IV32 Hash Algorithms • SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512) • SHA-1 • MD5 Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key Exchange • Groups 14 to 18 (up to 8192 bit) • Group 5 (1536 bit) • Group 2 (1024 bit) • Group 1 (768 bit) Authentication • Pre-shared Keys • RSA X.509 Certificates • Smart Cards and PKI Tokens • Extended Authentication (XAUTH) • Support for Authenticator Tokens (RSA SecurID, CryptoCard, etc.) through XAUTH • Hybrid Mode Connection Technologies Get Connected, Anywhere • NAT Detection and NAT-Traversal (RFC 3947 including drafts) • Cisco UDP Encapsulation • Trigger Automation: Data protection in unsecured environments Stay Connected • Automatic Reconnection upon Transmission Problems or System Sleep • Rekeying • Dead Peer Detection (DPD) • Automatic DHCP Renewal First Class Support • Extensive Knowledge Base with Most Frequently Asked Questions and their Solutions • Direct Communication with Support Team via Web-Chat or Email • Diagnostic Tools built into the Software • One-click Technical Support Reports Productivity and Automation Seamlessly Integrated User Interface • Menu Bar Item for One-Click Access from Everywhere • Optional Dock Icon • Connection Groups for Structuring VPN Connections • Search for VPN Connections • File Vault allows for Easy Access to all Auxiliary Files Accounting • Document Your Remote Work with Exact Connection Protocol • Easy Export to Numbers and Excel via CSV Files • Filtering of Accounting Data by Date/Time Filters and Arbitrary Keywords Triggers • Automatically Connect or Disconnect VPN Connection based on Triggers: • Application Startup or Termination • Geographic Location (Geo-Fencing, e.g. when not at the company building) • Network Access (e.g. when accessing an internal website) • Wi-Fi Network (e.g. when not in an encrypted network environment) • Network Location (e.g. when in home network) Automated Actions • Automatically Perform Actions at VPN Connect and Disconnect • Receive Emails (e.g. internal email accounts) • Connect to Server (e.g. internal file server) • Switch Network Locations (e.g. activate internal network configurations) • Open File or Directory • Open URL/Website (e.g. intranet website) • Launch Application (e.g. internal software) • Run Arbitrary Shell- or AppleScript (custom actions) • Notifications for Important Events (audio, visual or both) Profile Exporting and Deployment • Export VPN Connections including all required Files (certificates, key files, etc.) • Bundle VPN Connections, Auxiliary Files, etc. into Single Archive for Zero-Configuration Deployment • Lock VPN Connections to Prevent Modification of Configuration • No Installation Required for Easy Deployment version 4.0.5: • Improved error handling for OpenVPN • Use internal representation of vault path • Fixed AppleScript issue • Fixed authentication inheritance from containing VPN group

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