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Name MBS Filemaker Plugin 7.1
Size 192.7 MB
Created on 2017-04-08 19:57:08
Hash dab9925e944c12708741dbf7998d68da85e76c63
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Name: MBS Filemaker Plugin
Version: 7.1
Released: March 14th, 2017
Developer: Monkeybread Software
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.6 or later

Web Site: http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/

A versatile FileMaker plug-in that packs an extensive collection of practical tools designed to extend and optimize the runtime capabilities

The MBS Filemaker Plugin offers you the possibility to effortlessly extend the capabilities of your FileMaker projects by providing an extensive set of tools that can handle a wide range of data types.

To install the MBS Filemaker Plugin to your FileMaker installation simply unzip the software archive and copy it to your extensions directory. Once you restart FileMaker you will be able to see the new plug-in the the Preferences window and toggle its activation.

Among other things, MBS Filemaker Plugin can help you add syntax coloring to your scripts, to create or read barcodes, to handle different types of network sockets, to manage the SQL connectivity, to work with XL files and much more.

MBS Filemaker Plugin also integrates a Webviewer that can be used to print websites or to call back Java Scripts, and also provides image and PDF editing solutions.

To learn more about the MBS Filemaker Plugin capabilities, you can explore the online documentation provided by the developers.

What's new in MBS Filemaker Plugin 7.1
 • Added AVPlayer functions.
 • Added DirectoryWatcher functions for Windows.
 • Added Audit.GetEnabled and Audit.SetEnabled.
 • Added Barcode.SetPrimary and Barcode.GetPrimary.
 • Added Dialog.GetButton and Dialog.SetButton to have up to 10 buttons on a dialog.
 • Added Dictionary.SetQuickList.
 • Added DPI support to various functions returning images.
 • Added DynaPDF.HaveOpenDocument and DynaPDF.HaveOpenPage.
 • Added Files.IsHidden and Files.SetHidden.
 • Added flags to XML.Import to trim and convert CData to text.
 • Added functions to enable/disable variable check notifications.
 • Added HotKey.GetKeyUp and HotKey.SetKeyUp.
 • Added ignore rectangle parameters for FM.MouseWheelScriptTrigger function.
 • Added JSON.GetArrayPathItems function.
 • Added List.AddValue, List.GetValue, List.InsertValue, List.Remove, List.RemoveValue and List.SetValue.
 • Added new flags for XML.Import function for easier import of XML from SOAP Webservices.
 • Added new mode Note and Stop for Dialogs on Mac.
 • Added option to XML.NodeNames to ignore empty entries.
 • Added PortMidi.CurrentEvent function.
 • Added Process.KeepFrontMost function.
 • Added Progressdialog.GetEvaluate, Progressdialog.GetFileName, Progressdialog.GetScriptName, Progressdialog.SetEvaluate, Progressdialog.SetScript to trigger script/evaluation when clicking cancel button.
 • Added QTMovie.ReleaseAll.
 • Added Webview.GetHidden and Webview.SetHidden to make WebViewer invisible on Mac.
 • Added WordFile.AppendTableRow and WordFile.DuplicateTableRow.
 • Added XML.Import.SetBaseFields and XML.Import.SetExtraField.
 • Changed Dialog functions to center dialog before FileMaker window.
 • Changed FM.AllowFileDragDrop to also handle PDF files.
 • Changed plugin to show less registration warning dialogs in trial mode.
 • Changed Printer.Print to make printer name optional.
 • Changed SmartCard.PerformSignature to accept more than 20 bytes for hashes.
 • Disabled syntax colorizing for secure text fields.
 • Fixed a problem in Audit which caused a crash if no FieldID was found.
 • Fixed an issue with SmartCard.PerformSignature not returning signature correctly.
 • Fixed bug in Audit, so it works even if you have no FieldValue field in AuditLog.
 • Fixed bug in email parsing with getting plaintext from html only emails. Skips CSS Styles.
 • Fixed dialog functions so Dialog.SetButtons and Dialog.SetMode with empty text doesn't delete custom buttons.
 • Fixed little bug with escaping strings for Audit log.
 • Fixed QuickList.New to handle empty element on the end correctly.
 • Improved error handling for Files.ListRecursive.
 • Improved memory management for WebView.RenderImage function.
 • Removed Propsys.dll dependencies for Windows XP compatibility.
 • Rewrote Audit caching to avoid slow SQL JOIN queries in FileMaker.
 • Separated example files in FM 7 format. Now separate download.
 • The Screen functions now work properly on Windows with multiple screens.
 • Updated CURL library to version 7.53.1
 • Updated DynaPDF to version
 • Updated several WebView functions for future FileMaker version.
 • Updated SQLite to 3.17.0.
 • Updated to current PortMidi library version.



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