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Descriptions for iFFmpeg 6.6.0

Name: iFFmpeg
Version: 6.6.0
Released: Nov 25th, 2017
Developer: DVCsoft
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: K

Web Site: http://www.iffmpeg.com/


Provides a graphic-based front-end for the FFmpeg utility that enables you to quickly convert media files to other file formats.

iFFmpeg is a straightforward GUI for FFmpeg, the popular command-line utility capable to convert multimedia files between various formats.

If you enjoy the conversion power and versatility of the FFmpeg but you also want a user-friendly interface that allows you to handle this power, then iFFmpeg is the app for you.

Thanks to iFFmpeg, you can easily convert and edit multiple media files formats such as MPEG4, H264, H265, Matroska, DNxHD, PRORES, MPEG TS, DVVideo, MPEG TS, FLV, MPEG TS, AVI, OOG, Theora, GIF, VOB, GFX, MXF and many more.

Simple and clean user interface

It is also worth mentioning the added support for H.265 (HVEC, short for High Efficiency Video Coding), a video compression standard designed to offer double the data compression ratio compared to predecessor, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, while providing the same level of video quality.

Consequently, H.265 can be used to deliver highly improved video quality at the same bit rate, as well as 8K UHD footage and videos with a resolution at up to 8192×4320. If you want to learn more about it, you can read an in-depth tutorial about H.265 encoding on our site.

From the top toolbar you can add or remove files, access the Settings window, start, pause or stop the conversion process, merge multiple files, make and burn ISOs, extract frames from a video and even create videos using sequential images.

Customizable Presets and support for subtitles

In addition, iFFmpeg makes it simple to choose between the Concat pass-thru, Complex Filter and Concat merging methods in order to make sure that the output videos are as high quality as possible.

Furthermore, iFFmpeg offers support for both soft subtitles and hard burning subtitle for most provided container. On top of that, iFFmpeg comes with numerous pre-defined encoding profiles for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Xbox One, Wii-U and Android devices.

You can also use the conversion profiles for Vimeo, Facebook and Youtube if you want to share the output video.

Basic video editing tools and filters

The Settings window helps you add watermarks, crop and rotate your video, change the bitrate preset, trim your footage, scale the image, deinterlace and telecine the film, adjust the colors, brightness and contrast.

By accessing the Preferences window you can configure iFFmpeg to use all available CPU cores, adjust the HUD transparency level and set the file path for the FFmpeg binary. Since iFFmpeg is just a GUI, it goes without saying that you need to manually download and install FFmpeg before using iFFmpeg.

What’s new in iFFmpeg 6.6.0

November 25th, 2017

  • Added option 'Frame Length in milliseconds。ヌ.
  • Added option 'Target RMS。ヌ.
  • Added option 'Compress factor。ヌ.
  • Added option 'Gaussian filter window size。ヌ.
  • Added option 'Target peak value。ヌ.
  • Added option 'Maximum gain factor。ヌ.
  • Added option 'Enable channels coupling。ヌ.
  • Added option 'Enable alternative boundary mode。ヌ.
  • Added video filter 'Frame Rate。ヌ.
  • Added option 'Scene Change Level。ヌ.
  • Added option 'Start range Linear Interpolation。ヌ.
  • Added option 'End range Linear Interpolation。ヌ.
  • Added"SMPTE ST428.1" to Color Primaries.
  • Encoding to VOB and enabling qscale is now working..
  • Improved H265 HEVC main profile preset.
  • Improved auto cropping detecting.
  • Improved ffmpeg validation.
  • Improved several tooltips.
  • Generaly improved compiling FFmpeg command lines.
  • Fixed issue setting the video bitrate for DNxHD..
  • Fixed issue encoding to HEVC with very low bitrates.
  • Fixed setting the correct value forx265 option 'Limit References。ヌ.
  • Fixed issue with 2pass encoding and subtitles are involved.
  • Fixxed issue encoding with segments.
  • Fixed issue with PGS subtitles.
  • Fixed several issues with MPEG TS First pid. and Minimum PES packet payload.
  • Fixed issue merging with complex filter.



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