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NameHogwasher 5.06
Size8.89 MB
Created on2016-03-01 01:06:27
FilesHogwasher 5.06/Hogwasher 5 CORE KG.zip (453.2 kB)
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Name: Hogwasher
Version: 5.06
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: KG
OS version: 10.9 or higher
64 bit
Whats new:
See: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/1899/hogwasher
Courtesy of C.O.R.E
I had a little trouble getting the sn from the KG to stick.
Ultimately I went through the process:
Install app, use KG to generate, open app, sn would not copy. Close all.
Open app and run in trial mode, close app.
Go back to KG, generate sn, open app and hey it will copy to register window.
Ran and tested on 10.11.3
Full-featured Usenet newsreader
Completely rewritten for OS X Yosemite.
Threaded discussions - follow complex discussions at a glance with a graphical thread tree display.
Powerful filtering - extensive rule-based filtering to keep what you want and get rid of the garbage.
Multiple server support - download from an unlimited number of primary and backup servers simultaneously.
Effortless file uploading - drag files unto a message window and post properly segmented and encoded binaries with one click.
Integrated image viewing - view pictures directly with built-in image gallery.
Post processing - full support for automatic par2 check and repair, unrar, unzip, and split-file assembly.
What's New in Version 5.06
- Original Poster now highlighted in threaded display.
- Number of replies now indicated in threaded display.
- Added pie-chart progress indicator to subscription list when retrieving headers.
- Added optional Score column to message lists.
- Updated unrar to the latest version so files archived with RAR v5 can now be unarchived.
- Root message in thread now displays "unread" icon if any message in thread is unread.
- Message restrictions now maintained when changing View or Mode.
- Subscriptions can now display unread, new, or ignored message counts, or amount of queued data.
- Purging subscriptions from memory now occurs in background thread to improve app responsiveness.
- Fixed potential hang whenever a rule deletes a message after downloading.
- Fixed drawing overlap problems in Activity window.
- Fixed incorrect information in Activity window when downloading switches subscription.
- Download command now respects multiple selections in the subscription list.
- Fixed post processing log displaying blank if it contains any ISO 8859-2 (Latin 2) special characters.
- Fixed the naming of series folders for downloaded files, broken in v5.05.
- Fixed tooltips not displaying for truncated text in certain situations.
- Fixed minor glitch whereby scroll position was not restored after loading subscription.
- Fixed clipping of bookmark button icon in Search view.
- Clicking Search tab now properly advances focus to WebView.
- Icons in thread tree no longer drawn upside down.
- Unchecking "Collapse threads and file series by default" in Preferences now works as expected.
- Fixed "Download Selected" command not working for collapsed threads and file collections.
- Fixed potential for multiple threads to run redundant par2 checks at the same time.
- Fixed crash unqueuing a collapsed file collection.
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