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Name Glyphs 2.2.2
Size 17.23 MB
Created on 2016-02-03 13:40:46
Hash 352b909fade8011e837fcb7164f2d284b339b467
Files Glyphs 2.2.2 (827)/Glyphs 2.x [SP].zip (1.22 MB)
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Name: Glyphs
Version: 2.2.2 (827)
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K
OS version: Mac OS X 10.9.3 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Block connections to:
Yosemite Compatible Patcher
Courtesy of Special [K]
Unzip (Archive Utility recommended)
Drag Glyphs to /Applications
Double-click the .glyphslicense
Release Date: January 6, 2015
New in Version 2.2.2 (827)
Fix problem with the updater
New in Version 2.2.2 (826)
improve handling of missing image
Slight adjustment of the drawing of end nodes
Try to fix two crashs, again
New in Version 2.2.2 (825)
Try to fix a crash
New in Version 2.2.2 (824)
Only include 'Nonspacing' and 'Spacing combining' marks in mark/GDEF
Fix removing of kerning pairs in kerning window with collapsed rows
Fix kerning of punctuation and more then one other script
Scroll to active glyph in new tab
Fix exporting ufo with production names
Fix version string for ttf export
Glyphs detail dialog does not change values directly, only if you press OK
New in Version 2.2.2 (823)
Fix some undo problems (thanks tim)
Fix text color in glyph info box when editing glyph name (thanks ralph)
New in Version 2.2.2 (822)
Fix selection of color layers in layer panel
Fix import of math/greek letters
Fix measurement tool in background layers
Fix error in ccmp feature
Full Release Notes:
Link for more information:
Create Stunning Fonts
From dingbat webfonts to full-fledged text typefaces
Sketch your font
Take a pencil and sketch a few letters. With a few tricks, you can easily digitize your sketches, and, step by step, create a full-fledged OpenType font.
Tools for type
The smart vector tools are optimised for the design of typefaces. Interpolated nudging, curvature control, dragging multiple handles at once, adding extrema and inflections, batch editing: all supported straight out of the box.
All languages covered
Human-readable glyph names, combined with smart component placement, automatic alignment of diacritics, mark positioning, and Unicode 7 support, make Glyphs the number one choice for multilingual font development.
Isolation no more
Watch your words take shape in high resolution: The edit view doubles as a text editor, allowing you to draw, edit, space and kern your glyphs in a word context rather than isolated in windows.
Colors everywhere
Why stay monochromatic? Add color to your typographical life with the built-in multi-layer preview and specialized editing tools. Glyphs can export layer fonts, Microsoft-style color webfonts or Apple-style emoji fonts.
Effortless OpenType
Enjoy automatic OpenType features: Glyphs analyzes your glyph names and shapes, and can auto-build feature code for ligatures, figure sets, positional forms, localizations, fractions, stylistic sets, small caps, and many more.
What’s New in Glyphs 2.0 from by Georg Seifert on Vimeo.
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