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Name: Extensis Portfolio 2016
Version: 2.1.4
Language: Multilingual
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.10 or later
Processor: 2.0 GHz or faster 4-core processor (8 or more processor cores will improve performance of catalogs with over 500,000 assets)
Ram: 16 GB RAM

Includes: Keygen

More info: http://www.extensis.com/gestion-activos-digitales/portfolio/

Turbocharge Your Digital Asset Management With Portfolio!

Portfolio is the digital asset management tool for the rest of us. It’s simple to set up, easy to use, and requires little to no ongoing maintenance. Within moments, you can organize your digital files and share them throughout your organization and beyond, allowing everyone to find what they need when they need it.	

Easy To Use, Yet Rich With Features
Portfolio is loaded with the features you need to create, organize, find, share, and protect your assets.

File Upload and Storage
Quickly load files into Portfolio so assets are properly organized, tagged and accessible to everyone

Supported File Formats
Portfolio supports all common media formats including image, video, audio, PDF, and native documents from Adobe® Creative Suite® and Microsoft® Office, making it the perfect solution to manage all your digital documents.

Import Files from Anywhere
Portfolio provides two convenient ways to load assets into the system. Either import documents from your desktop or ingest files that are already located on the server

Mobile File Upload
Upload photos, videos, and audio directly into Portfolio with Portfolio Flow – available for iOS and Android devices. Keywords, description and other metadata can be applied so assets are immediately tagged and cataloged correct.

Managed Upload
Because files cataloged with incomplete metadata have limited value, Portfolio allows you to define key metadata that must be entered before assets are uploaded.

Automatic Metadata Extraction
Portfolio can extract embedded metadata, which allows the system to intelligently catalog and reference assets. This includes XMP, IPTC, EXIF, TIFF, Video, and Microsoft Office metadata.

Automatic Backup and Restore
Portfolio gives you peace of mind by automatically backing up your precious assets. All settings, catalogs and data can be restored with just one click.

Organize and Catalog Assets
Create meaningful collections using a combination of structure and metadata.

Find Assets Instantly
Portfolio doesn’t just help you search libraries; it helps you find the assets you need.

Share Assets Intelligently
Get the right files into the hands of everyone involved in creating, organizing and using your assets.

Drag And Drop Access
Portfolio Express gives you direct access to your assets right from your desktop. Instantly find files in your catalog, then simply drag and drop assets into any supported application, such as Adobe® InDesign® and Microsoft PowerPoint®. 

Asset Distribution Portals
When select assets need to be shared outside your organization or distributed among a large group, NetPublish allows branded web portals to be easily created without any HTML or CSS skills. These self-service sites allow users to find and download what they need, when they need it, from any device.

Integrate With Your Workflow
Portfolio integrates with your existing workflows and facilitates the entire asset lifecycle, including content development, collaboration and archiving.

Top 5 Reasons to Have an On-Premise Solution
- Speed – Local networks are much faster than internet connections, making file upload/download blazingly fast.
- No cloud constraints – Cloud servers typically have metered processing power, bandwidth and storage, creating bottlenecks and expensive recurring costs.
- Security – While cloud servers are generally secure, it’s no substitute for isolating sensitive data inside your network.
- System integrations – Integrated solutions frequently talk to each other using network ports and it’s not uncommon for those ports to be blocked by your firewall.
- Always accessible – Even the best internet connections go down from time to time. By having your DAM solution on-site, your assets are always on hand.

What’s new in Version 2.1.4: 
・Improved logging for troubleshooting purposes.
・Improvements in using and applying color profiles.
・Added ability to select or deselect all users to add to a NetPublish catalog.
・Fixed an issue where some TIFF files converted by Portfolio Web or NetPublish could not be opened by Adobe Photoshop. [PORT-3596]
・Fixed an issue where metadata was not embedded in Photoshop documents that were created from TIFF files. [PORT-4846]
・Fixed an issue where converting a Photoshop file to another format did not retain the color profile in the converted file. [PORT-4919]
・Fixed an issue where metadata wasn’t embedded in Photoshop documents that had a large amount of DocumentAncestors data. [PORT-5027]
・Fixed an issue where grayscale Photoshop files had fuzzy thumbnails and small previews. [PORT-5255]
・Added ability to select or deselect all users to add to a NetPublish catalog. [PORT-5273]
・Fixed an issue where 16-bit CMYK Photoshop files did not get correct thumbnail or preview [PORT-5323]
・Fixed an issue where batch converting DNG files did not include all metadata. [PORT-5830]
・Fixed an issue where disabling “Use Managed Upload” was ignored. [PORT-5831]
・Fixed an issue where metadata wasn’t embedded in certain Photoshop documents. [PORT-5878]
・Fixed an issue where spaces in filenames were replaced with + signs when downloaded. [PORT-5901]
・Fixed an issue where the pixel dimensions of EPS files was sometimes reported incorrectly. [PORT-5942]
・Fixed an issue where backups made from Portfolio 2.0.x could not be restored in 2.1.x. [PORT-5943]
・Fixed an issue where cataloging a very large image file could cause Portfolio to timeout. [PORT-5959]
・Fixed an issue where an external Media Engine would not process Photoshop files. [PORT-5975]
・Fixed an issue where a PDF could include the wrong date in a custom date field. [PORT-6009]
・Improved performance when there are a lot of user accounts. [PORT-6032]
・Improved error logging for watch folder and subfolder creation. [PORT-6095]
・Improved cleanup when backup fails. [PORT-6124]
・Fixed an issue where NetPublish would use the incorrect date format for the UK [PORT-6153]
・Fixed an issue where some fields were not displayed in the Details page of a NetPublish site. [PORT-6174]
・Fixed an issue where deleting a large catalog would take a long time. [PORT-6204]
・Fixed an issue where Portfolio would report the incorrect color profile for some grayscale files. [PORT-6208]
・Fixed an issue where backups would fail if the path for Previews was malformed. [PORT-6256]
・Added Elasticsearch details to diagnostic information. [PORT-6258]
・Added network connection details to diagnostic information. [PORT-6332]
・Added details about Java processes to diagnostic information. [PORT-6333]
・Fixed an issue where the Vault location was not retained on a re-installation on OS X. [PORT-6358]
・Removed reliance on QuickTime for Windows. [PORT-6370]
・Improved detection of color modes for PDF and Adobe Illustrator files. [PORT-6417]
・Fixed an issue where previews were created using the incorrect rendering intent. [PORT-6528]
・Improved conversion of grayscale files. [PORT-6551]
・Improved resizing of TIF files. [PORT-6562]

Release Notes: https://www.extensis.com/downloads/release-notes/portfolio-2016-mac/



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