codesign MacOS 10.9.4

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codesign MacOS 10.9.4

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Name: codesign
Version: Mac OS X 10.9.4
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: OS X 10.9.4 or later
There are some articles that talk about using /usr/bin/codesign from a 10.9.4 system on a 10.9.5 system to get cracks/patchers to work again.
This is the /usr/bin/codesign executable from Mac OS X 10.9.4. By temporarily renaming the codesign executable on 10.9.5 and using this one instead, you can get many of the patches that have had issues to run.
Instructions are included (readme.pdf)
Users have reported that this works on 10.9.5 and Yosemite Public Betas.

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