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Name: calibre for Mac
Version: 2.72.0
Release Date: 21 Nov 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.7.2 or later 
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
Web Site:
Calibreis a complete e-book library manager. Organize your collection, convert your books to multiple formats, and sync with all of your devices. Let Calibre be your multi-tasking digital librarian. 
Manage, convert, sync, and more 
・Library management. Calibre keeps things orderly by creating single entries for books that contains multiple formats. Add tags and comments for better searchability.
What's New in Version 2.72.0:
New Features 
・Font embedding:Implement automatic embedding for fonts with non-normal stretch and weight values such as Condensed/Light/Extra Bold fonts 
・Allow aborting an in-progress Copy-to-library action. 
・Edit Book:When adding a font file via File->New automatically generate the appropriate @font-face rule and copy it to the clipboard so that it can be easily inserted into the appropriate CSS files. 
・Edit Book:Check Book:Add a warning for links with the :character in them on windows 
・Conversion:When converting markdown documents recognize basic metadata in the markdown document formatted as per the markdown metadata extension. 
・Edit Book:Spell Check dialog:Various small usability enhancements -- preserve position in word list on refresh, ensure that new current word is highlighted after changing a word, etc. 
・Edit Book:Flash the taskbar icon after beautify all files completes.
Bug Fixes 
・Fix creating an empty library with the same structure as current library not creating custom columns on the first restart after creating the new custom columns. 
・Edit Book:Dont fail to rename files on windows if there is a link containing the colon character. 
・PDF Output:Dont fail if one of the embedded fonts has no names 
・Edit Book:When downloading external resources, ensure the generated filenames are valid. 
・Windows:Fix file extension not being added automatically when missing in save dialogs. 
・Fix calibre not opening full-screen in windows tablet mode. 
・Edit Book:Fix check external links tool not detecting changes that have not yet been saved 
・Generate covers:Fix & in the series causing incorrect formatting of series number. 
・Edit Book:Fix a regression in the last release that broke the Arrange into folders tool when arranging into sub-folders of a folder that does not exist.
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