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Descriptions for BookMacster 2.2.7

Name: BookMacster for Mac
Version: 2.2.7
Release Date: 15 Jul 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit

Includes: Pre-K’ed
Courtesy of The Shark.

Web Site:


BookMacster is a bookmarks manager for your Mac, which plays nicely with iCloud, Sign In to Chrome, and Firefox Sync. It can be used in three ways, or all three:

・Manage Browser Bookmarks. Add alphabetizing and tagging. Verify, fix dupes, consolidate.
・Cross-Browser Syncing. Sync bookmarks of Safari Firefox, Chrome, and more among all your devices.
・Directly. Keep your bookmarks in one central store, accessible within web browsers.

  • Compatible with iCloud’s Safari syncing, Google Chrome’s Sign In, and Firefox Sync. Bookmarks added to Safari from BookMacster on your Mac will sync via iCloud to Safari on iOS devices.
  • Import/export with Safari, Firefox, Chrome, iCab, Opera 11-12, Roccat, Pinboard, Delicious, Diigo, and OmniWeb.
  • Easily organize with Tags, Hierarchy, or both.
  • Verifies bookmarks, fixes redirects and duplicates.
  • Sort (alphabetize) automatically when bookmarks are changed. You control which folders you want to be sorted or not sorted, how to sort them.
  • Supports multiple User Profiles in Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Scriptable to collect new bookmarks from NetNewsWire or similar apps.
What’s New BookMacster 2.2.7
  • Updated support for “second tier” browsers. No longer supports import or export with browsers Camino, Shiira, or Opera version 12 or earlier. Instead, now supports import or export with browsers Vivaldi, Epic, and current versions of Opera.
  • In the Reports > Verify table, added a button to find and display bookmarks whose status is Unknown.
  • In the Advanced Client Options for the Chrome-ish browser, relabelled the Don’t export loose bookmarks to ‘Folders’ to …’Other Bookmarks’, and explained this better in the Help Book sec. 4.9.
  • The Manage Browser Extensions window no longer shows extension status for browsers Chromium or Google Chrome Canary.
  • Upon launching, if the extension checking finds an old version of Sheep Systems Menu Extension or BookMacster Button extension installed in Firefox or Chrome, user is now instructed to remove it. (These extensions were never useful in Synkmark and old versions can interfere with the necessary Sync extensions).
  • Fixed a bug which caused the More Tests sheet to inexplicably reappear, sometimes causing a crash, if, after dismissing this sheet, user invoked other sheets, for example, by clicking an Install button.
  • Fixed a bug which caused exceptions to be logged to system console if More Tests sheet was dismissed without clicking Start Test.
  • The two sheets which appear during Install operations now have Cancel buttons.
  • In the Manage Browser Extensions window, if user clicks the Update button on an extension which should have updated automatically, now correctly explains the process.
  • If the amount of explanatory text makes an alert window or sheet exceed the screen height, the explanatory text now scrolls instead of being clipped.
  • In the Manage Browser Extensions window, fixed a bug which caused the More Tests sheet to inexplicably reappear, sometimes causing a crash, if, after dismissing this sheet, user invoked other sheets, for example, by clicking an Install button.
  • When exporting to Chrome, Chrome Canary or Chromium while the browser is not running, if the user is signed in to Google to sync bookmarks, but the browser does not launch because the Launch Browser preference in Advanced Client Settings is set to Never, the export is now more faithful (including sync_transaction_version values).
  • Now requires version 24 of the BookMacster Sync extension for Google Chrome, Chrome Canary and Chromium. These applications automatically check the Chrome Web Store for updates every few hours, so it should “just work” for regular users.
  • For the record, various changes were made under the hood to work better with Apple’s new Developer Tools (now Xcode 8, macOS 10.12 SDK). As always, it is possible that this annual exercise may have introduced a bug or two, but no bugs have been reported by beta testers.

BookMacster Overview (2013-12-25)



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