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Name: Alfred
Version: 2.6
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K
OS version: OS X 10.6 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Yosemite Compatible Patcher
Courtesy of Special [K]
Alfred 2.6
27th Jan, 2015
NEW!!! Alfred Remote for iOS:
New Script Filter runtime behaviour options giving more control over when scripts are executed
Clarify text the calculator preferences
Add Rotten Tomatoes to default web searches with keyword 'rotten'
Update google drive to new URL
Update the google images URL to the latest non redirecting one
Show person’s birthday in Alfred’s contact viewer
Ability to set theme UID externally via AppleScript
Add default support for sending attachments in Airmail 2
Change to new method of loading URLs to sidestep Yosemite issue
Improve reliability of simulated key releases by not setting the flags and only simulating a release if the key is down
Remove deprecated setFlipped code for updated respectFlipped
Enhance workflow preferences search to include external trigger and remote trigger ids
Ability to large type (⌘L) from the clipboard viewer and snippets 'snip' keyword.
Better format the large type text around largest word length, and replace tab with spaces for proper indentation.
Add additional configuration options for proxy, allowing for scheme prefixes if missing
Clarify text for 1Password 3rd party integration in Alfred's preferences
Improve workflow logging / debugging, better facilitating stderr as a method for logging
Fix truncated labels in workflow Script preference sheets
Improve workflow preferences search field behaviour in Yosemite
Fix default feature 'no argument' keyword inputs auto complete with trailing space (e.g. clipboard, itunes)
Reorganise the default hotkeys framework to sync more gracefully, removing defunct code
Add homebrew Caskroom and Cellar to Alfred's default search scope
Alfred is a keyboard-driven productivity application for Mac OS X, helping you launch apps and search your local computer as well as the web with great speed.
* Application launcher: Launch any application with a quick shortcut. Alfred will learn which apps you use often and prioritise them when you search
* Search your Mac: Quickly find and open files, bookmarks, contacts, music and more. You will never again have to wonder just where you saved that important document.
* Search the web: Search or launch your favourite websites: Maps, Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia and many more.
* Calculate and Spell: Just start typing to do a quick calculation or look up spellings, definitions or synonyms and antonyms.
* System Commands: Control your Mac with speed and efficiency. Empty trash, start the Screen Saver, restart, shut down, eject a drive and more.
* Custom Searches: Create your own web searches for frequently used websites and wikis.
Ward off RSI - skip using the mouse with this fast and beautiful app.
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