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Together 3.5.3 MAS+iCloud [TNT]

Together lets you keep everything in one place. Text, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and bookmarks can all be dragged to Together for safe keeping, tagged, previewed, collected together in different ways and found again instantly.

The Mac App Store version of Together works with iCloud to share your library with all your Macs, and with Together for iPad and iPhone (available separately).
Library Window and Shelf Tag Browser Open Tab Tab Exposé Thumbnails
New in Together 3

In addition to iCloud libraries in the Mac App Store version, Together 3 adds thumbnails for items, tab exposé for viewing all open tabs at once, stationery for creating any kind of file, navigation history, an inbox for un-filed imports, autosave and versions, along with a redesigned tag browser, improved favorites, previews and Shelf, all wrapped up in a smart new design.
Drag, Drop, Done

Just about anything can be saved in Together. Drag to the main window or the Shelf, a tab on the side of the screen that slides out to show your folders and groups, and which can be accessed from any application. You can also import from other apps with a share extension, global hot key, using system services or bookmarklets in your web browser.
Save Everything

Create notes for those bits of information you need to keep somewhere, or save web pages as web archives or PDFs, which look identical to the original page with background images and clickable links. Any kind of file can be created in the app using stationery, and Together can show previews of just about anything using Quick Look technology that’s built into your Mac.

Together has many ways of organizing and categorizing your information. Groups collect items together, and items can be in many groups at the same time. Smart groups collect items together automatically. Folders can organize groups and items hierarchically. Tags are searchable keywords that can be added to items, labels can be used to color-code items, and ratings can rank items from zero to five stars.
Love Thy Shelf

Dragging to the Shelf shows groups and folders as targets for storing new items, but clicking the tab opens the Shelf in a different mode where you can browse and search your library, a Favorites section for quick access to groups and items, and a Quick Note section for making notes directly in the Shelf. The Shelf lives on the side of the screen, and is available from within any application.
Find It Fast

Together searches as you type and uses Spotlight for searching the content of all kinds of files, and because the search is focused on your library you get results fast. Together’s search can be as broad or narrow as you wish, from searching everything in your entire library to a certain set of attributes within a specific group at the click of a mouse.

Together 3.5.3 MAS+iCloud [TNT]

What's New in Version 3.5.3
- Notes now always show the ruler according to the setting in the Notes section of Previews preferences.
- Fixed a problem creating a note when a tag is selected.
- Fixed a problem where the item groups would not show the correct items after a library import.
- Fixed a problem where an item not already in a folder could not be added to a group or folder with the Add To menu.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when thumbnails in use.
- Improved the appearance of the path shown in Quick Open and the Where part of the Info view.
- Increased the minimum size of the Shelf when setting info on imported items.
- Thumbnails view now uses the system font rather than Helvetica.
- Fixed issues that could occur where two devices are updating the same iCloud library simultaneously.
- Fixed a problem where moving items in iCloud libraries to the Trash wouldn't always remove them from the library.
- Fixed a problem that could occur when downloading files in an iCloud library and thumbnails in use.
- Fixed an issue where libraries that contain file packages that appear as folders could not be stored in iCloud.



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