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TextSoap 8
Automatically remove unwanted characters, fix messed up carriage returns, and pretty much anything else you can think. Save time & effort. Be more productive.
Stop manually fixing text documents and emails. TextSoap can automate away all that tediousness. Download the trial now.
Requires OS X 10.10 or later
Clean Interface
Integrated Text Editor
100+ Built-in Cleaners
Powerful Regular Expression Support
Custom Cleaners for customized solutions
Custom Grouping for personal organization
TextSoap Menu integrates into your favorite app
AppleScript support
• New: New content-focused interface. Stripped away a lot of the interface chrome.
• New: Regular expression syntax coloring and validation to quickly spot common errors.
• New: Customize Navigator provides simple access to user's' customized data
• New: Easily import / export multiple cleaners with libraries.
• New: Many of the customer requested cleaners added.
• Improved: Rewritten custom cleaner editor.
• Improved: Custom group editor.
• Improved: TextSoap Menu options now integreated into preferences.
Text Editor
• New: Option to show line numbers. • New: to toggle whether Option text wraps to window.
• New: Supports opening / saving these file types:
• Microsoft Word 97 (.doc) Document
• Microsoft Word 2003 (.xml) Document
• Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) Document
• OpenDocument Text (.odt) Document
• Note: Conversion of these file types is limited to same level of functionality supported by TextEdit.
• New: Commands to move selected line (s) up & down (# 513).
• New: Command to select line / paragraph at cursor (# 516).
• New: Paste Over Command (# 484).
• New: Live merges shows interactive preview matches, including regular expressions.
• New: Captured group results are now available for each match (when using regular expressions).
• Improved: Word count handling, esp. very large documents in.
• Improved: Find / Cleaner palette is now resizable sidebar.
Sidebar (Assistant)
• Cleaner List
• Filter applies to ◦ current group and also appends any matches from library.
• Group names are now sorted within each category (built-in, user).
• Library cleaners are now sorted.
• Find
• Live Preview shows you matches as you type (integrated Regex Lab from TextSoap 7).
• Syntax highlighter for regular expressions and replacement strings.
• Highlights common errors found in expressions (such as unmatched parentheses, incomplete properties, character classes).
• Option to display captured values of expression matches.
Navigator Customize
• New: Navigator provides simple point access to:
• New: Import / Export of Cleaners & Libraries
• Libraries ◦
• ◦ New: Save multiple cleaners into a single Library file.
• ◦ New: Import multiple cleaners from a single Library file.
• Edit Have custom cleaners
• Edit Have custom groups
New Cleaners Added
• Normalize Dates to MM-DD-YYYY Format cleaner.
• Normalize Dates to DD-MM-YYYY Format cleaner.
• Normalize Dates to YYYY-MM-DD Format cleaner.
• Capitalize Lines : Useful for song lyrics or various lists, each line takes and capitalizes it.
• Fix Jammed Words Translation: attempts to fix up words that are jammed together. It uses the spell check to look at words marked as misspelled that could be fixed by simply adding a space between them.
• Reverse All Characters
• Reverse Word Order
• Reverse Characters in Each Word
• Word Count - Notification: uses OS X User Notification to word count of display selected text.
• Word Count - Remove All Notifications: removes all TextSoap word count notifications.
• Strip Diacritic Marks: strip off any diacritic marks from text. u becomes ü, é becomes e, etc.
• Make the Unicode Names: convert unicode characters to their unicode name.

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