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Name: Startupizer
Version: 2.3.3 (1998)
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: OS X 10.8 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
More Info:
If you are, sometimes, thinking about how cool when at certain times when the computer is turned on run exactly the applications that you need now, you should pay attention to Startupizer application.
We all know about the standard means of management in OS X startup and constantly use them, but the opportunities provided by the user is limited. Startupizer - application with which you will be able to more efficiently and conveniently controlled from the startup programs. Startupizer allow you to create custom profiles for application launch when the computer is turned on.
The work begins with an application that you need to create a list of applications for which you want to configure Autoplay. When you decide to list, the fun begins: we will customize the options for their launch. Variants of events in which the application will be launched, only three: depending on the date and time a modifier key, and the power supply. The latter, of course, true only for laptops.
Combinations of these categories, you can create a great deal, almost lyubgo versions of events.
You can configure the launch of applications, depending on the time. For example, if you are from 8 to 18 hours of work, when the computer is turned on in this time interval will be run exactly the applications that you have considered necessary for the job. Of course, in addition to time, you can specify days of the week, so on the weekends, you can use a set of applications solely for entertainment, and the meeting is, for example, is on Wednesdays will be a set of software for presentations.
If the working time you happen to call in a coffee shop or even any place where there are no outlets can be infusion of a separate profile. In this case, instead of the application that should be run during business hours, you see a set that suits you to work away from a power source.
Finally, the last option - the use of the modifier keys. You can choose to run / not run an application if a certain key is pressed.
Having dealt with the profiles and a list of applications you will only have to assign each application a label categories. By the way, so that when you turn on your computer, not in chaos of a dozen other applications, trying as soon as possible get to work, for some of them you can set start delay from seconds to minutes. There is also the opportunity to choose one of three options "visibility" application: shown, hidden, diables.
Startupizer 2 arranca Mac OS X más rápido como siempre has soñado
Startupizer 2 es el gestor de servicios que siempre hemos soñado tener en OS X igual que en Windows 8 para poder administrar los servicios importantes en el arranque.
Es muy fácil de usar pero es un avanzado controlador de elementos de inicio de sesión. Mejora la funcionalidad de elementos de inicio de sesión de configuración de tu cuenta en preferencias del sistema Mac OS X.



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