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RapidWeaver 6
Name RapidWeaver 6.3.6
Size 171.7 MB
Created on 2015-11-26 00:38:14
Hash 98457db605578337541950b27dd1d429e0687bbe
Files RapidWeaver 6.3.6/RapidWeaver 6.3.6.zip (169.7 MB)
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Name: RapidWeaver
Version: 6.3.6
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K

OS version: 10.9 or higher
64 bit

Whats new:

Improves performance when navigating and modifying large project files.
Fixes a problem where dragging sidebar items between documents could cause RapidWeaver to crash.
Fixes a problem that prevented publishing to some SFTP servers.
Fixes a problem where RapidWeaver would insert site-wide metatags as page-specific metatags when creating a new page, causing duplicate metatags.
Fixes a problem where RapidWeaver could crash when installing add-ons.
Works around a problem where RapidWeaver could crash when a blog page's categories could not be fully read.
Fixes a problem where blog pages would be fully re-published when marked as changed.
Fixes a problem where blank site thumbnails would be generated when saving a RapidWeaver project.
Fixes a problem where site-wide CSS and Javascript would be incorrectly referenced (and fail to load) when using the Page List contextual menu's "Preview in Safari" option.

Two activation options:

KG+P Courtesy of C.O.R.E.
Patcher Courtesy of Special [K]

More Info: http://realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver

Web Design Software for Mac
RapidWeaver is the all-in-one app that enables you to build the website you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s an online store, stunning photo gallery or blog, RapidWeaver provides you with the know-how to quickly publish websites that even pros are proud of.

Amazingly Powerful, Infinitely Expandable
RapidWeaver is the leading Mac web design app, and has been ever since its launch over ten years ago. Each release is designed to make your website better, and we’ve carefully ensured that RapidWeaver has all the tools you need to create the perfect website. Best of all, RapidWeaver allows your site to grow as you build it and is expandable with hundreds of third-party addons available.

Code-Free Creation
There’s no need to know any code - RapidWeaver generates it all for you, based on the content you add to your website. If you need to add some code (maybe a Twitter button), just paste it in and RapidWeaver automatically places it alongside your existing content.

Stunning Designs
RapidWeaver 6 comes with 5 brand-new themes, built especially for this release by some of the Addon community’s finest developers: Nick Cates Design, Elixir Graphics, Brandon Lee Themes, Yuzool Themes & OneLittleDesigner. They’re fully-responsive, and take advantages of new theme features in RapidWeaver 6 such as Split Navigation.

Content First
RapidWeaver is a different type of web design app - one that allows you to focus on the most important aspect of any website: your content. With drag-and-drop creation for photo galleries, online stores, blogs, personal websites and more you can count on RapidWeaver to help you build a stunning website in no time.

Supercharged Publishing
Smart Publishing has been completely re-worked to make uploading your changes even quicker. Thanks to simultaneous multi-file publishing, and a host of other clever tricks, publishing in RapidWeaver 6 is up to 3 times faster than previous versions. If your host supports FTP, SFTP or FTPS (new in RapidWeaver 6) you’re good to go - and if you need hosting, Little Oak has a special deal for RapidWeaver users!

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