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Name: Jutoh
Version: 2.64
Released: July 7th, 2017
Mac Platform: UB
OS version: OS X 10.3.9 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 32/64b

Includes: Keygen (AMPED)

Web Site: http://www.jutoh.com/

Anthemion Software Ltd. has released Jutoh 2.63 - small bug fixes, plus accent-sensitive index sorting and link-to-bookmark feature in the Inspector. This software makes it easy to create ebooks in popular formats that you can sell on many ebook sites.

Easily create ebooks in Epub and Kindle formats: publish on any ebook distribution site, including Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and more. Your readers can use Kindles, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Macs and PCs. You can also create PDFs suitable for sending to print-on-demand services.

This version adds an Optimize links setting to TOC options, on by default, that works around a Kindle quirk by moving the first bookmark to the top of the chapter. Otherwise, text above the bookmark can be cut off when navigating. We have also worked around the bug in Kindle whereby clicking on the title page or TOC entry in the logical contents goes to the cover instead, when NavMap entries do not reference bookmarks, just the HTML files. The previous workaround for this problem was to create an advanced TOC with bookmarks; Jutoh will now add a bookmark at the top of each chapter and use these bookmarks in the NavMap.

In the Styles tab of the Formatting Palette, there is now a Find Style command in the context menu, to allow convenient searching for content with this style. There is also an Edit Shortcut command, to make it easier to define a shortcut for a style or mark a style as a favourite. A third new command, Options, allows you to restrict the styles to those used in the current document or project, and to optionally display favourite styles. You can also choose to display any shortcuts defined for styles.

This version adds List Style and Box Style options to the find and replace dialog, to allow search and replacement of these kinds of style.

What's New in Version 2.64:
 - Fixed duplication of styles when copying documents from another project using Document | Copy Documents.
 - Fixed a bug whereby Paragraph dimension units wasn't initialised to the correct value for configurations in new projects, causing a warning to be generated for Mobipocket configurations.



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