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Name: DEVONthink Pro Office for Mac
Version: 2.9.2
Release Date: 11 Aug 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version:OS X 10.9 or later 
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit

Web Site:

DEVONthink Pro Office is a knowledge base, information manager, and much more. In today's world, everything is digital. From shopping receipts to important research papers, your life often fills your hard drive in the form of emails, PDFs, Word documents, multimedia files, and more. Questions eventually pop up, like where do you store all of this stuff? How do you organize these very different file types, and even better, how do you find the exact file you're looking for the second you need it? It's almost as if you need a second brain just to keep your digital life straight.

DEVONthink is the solution to the digital age conundrum. It is your second brain, the one and only database for all your digital files, be they PDFs, emails, Word docs, or even multimedia files. Boasting a refined artificial intelligence, DEVONthink is exceedingly flexible and adapts to your personal needs. And if the files are not digital yet, digitize them with DEVONthink Pro Office.

Use it as your document repository, your filing cabinet, your email archive, or your project organizer; DEVONthink can do it all. You can even collect and organize data from the Web for your own use, enrich it with sound and movie files from your hard drive, and then export the finished product as a Web site or to an Apple Pages document to print, should you so desire. Or copy the content to your iPod! The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

DEVONthink Professional Office extends DEVONthink Pro with three additional modules: Pro-grade email archiving, paper capture including optical character recognition, and integrated Web sharing (search only.)

What's New in Version 2.9.2:
・Smart group and advanced search condition Instance is Pending for finding items not yet downloaded by sync. 
・Synchronize All item that can be added to toolbar.

・Finder tags of indexed items are immediately set, e.g., after adding tags on iOS. 
・More reliable uploads to and downloads from sync stores in case of interruptions, e.g., due to an unreliable network. 
・Bonjour locations prefer host name and port now. After a failure to open a Bonjour connection, the service is resolved again. 
・Canceling of Dropbox requests. 
・Multi-threading of sync store operations. 
・Compatibility to HTTP proxies. 
・Overall reliability of sync. 
・Handling of process activity disables system sleep and prevents sudden or automatic app terminations.

・Issue where pending records could be moved between databases, breaking the connection to the original sync locations. 
・Issue where new WebDAV locations didn't accept invalid HTTPS certificates. 
・Issue where tags were not added to notes being sent from the Sorter to global inbox. 
・Issue where server volumes could be mounted twice for local sync stores in rare cases. 
・Issue where an incorrect file name provided by iOS was used. 
・Issue where the number of missing entries reported by quick verification of sync stores was usually too high. 
・Issue where old sync betas where not correctly removed. 

Introduction: Information and document management with DEVONthink



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