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NameDeskPM 2.2 MAS
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Created on2016-01-29 01:38:24
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DeskPM 2.2 MAS [TNT]
What's New in Version 2.2
Whoa! Desk PM was Featured by Apple in the "Get Productive" Yearly Sale! Sweet!
Oh, and here's an update on this version... :p
##New features:
- WordPress REST API! This is a big-deal folks as this should increase security and is the future of WordPress-related publishing! Thanks for hanging in there on this one!
##Fixed issues:
- Formatted lists don't paste
- Invalid HTML on export
- Validation for empty name for Squarespace blog
- Less options stay on publish screen.
- Post formats in tumblr are absent.
- Links on Preview screen are opened in the same window.
- Redirect on authorization fro tumblr / blogger / wp self-hosted.
- All blog icons are mixed between each other.
- Selection in WP categories migrates randomly after scrolling.
- Parser error within WP authorization.
- App crashes after posting to Self-Hosted WordPress.
- Text is not centered by height in tags.
- Image rotating on click.
- Nested (un)ordered lists are not rendered on preview.
- Unordered list became part of ordered list on preview.
- No 'mouse over' state for several button in drafts/posts lists.
- App crashes within exit.
- Blank icon in title of window.
- App starts with blocked editor.
- Return under table moves table down.
- App crashes. Caption for image.
- Popup closes after 17 chars
- Right panel hangs in closed state
- Title blinks while typing
- Copy link to clipboard feature doesn't work
- If we press Tab button it will add styles in table.
- Rendered footnotes in editor (WYSIWYG).
- Codeblocks nested in "p" tags.
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