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NameDesk NT 1.2
Size21.61 MB
Created on2016-01-28 14:55:37
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Name: Desk NT
Version: 1.2
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed
OS version: 10.10 or higher
64 bit
More info:
Desk NT is a writing and notetaking app for anyone who needs to capture their thoughts in a simple and elegant way.
Based on the award-winning "Best App of 2014" (Desk PM), it was created for those that didn't need blog publishing features but instead wanted to focus on their ability to create and capture content.
It was designed for writers, content creators, and productivity enthusiasts!
Are you looking for the original Desk PM (Publishing Machine) or Desk MD (Markdown)? You can find those here:
• Desk PM:
• Desk MD:
Full Feature List:
Desk was built with the writer and content creator in mind and crafted in such a way as to create an unobtrusive experience that helps you focus on what matters most: Content creation.
## Focused Writing Experience ##
Focus on what matters the most and remove everything else.
• Clean, simple, and a true distraction-free interface
• Typewriter Mode for the serious focus
• Themes and styles including font treatments, style, size, and column width
• Markdown or WYSIWYG!
• Shortcuts for maximum speed (Formatting, Publishing, and more)
• Assortment of writing modes and visual styles (Full-Screen, Transparency, Day & Night, Font and Text Treatments, Responsive Layouts, Floating)
## Sync & Backup ##
Whether you're on the go or connected to a fiber line you'll be ready when inspiration strikes.
• Save your work locally with powerful "Offline" mode
• iCloud integration for maximum portability
• Automatic backups (Autosave) while you write (iCloud and Offline)
## Organization & Utility ##
Your content, your way.
• Intuitive new Preview Mode
• Real-time meta information (Character and word count, Time to Read, Writing Mode)
• Search and replace, dictation, spelling, grammar, and more
• Powerful use of native OS X capabilities
• Export as HTML, RTF, PDF, DOCX, TXT, MD
## Support & Community ##
We want to hear from you (seriously)! Especially how you are using Desk to publish your great stories!
Get connected to us here:
• Support:
• Twitter:
• Email:
• Website:
• Blog:
yo gg llc Web SiteDesk NT: A Writing and Notetaking App Support
What's New in Version 1.2
Here you go! Thanks for your patience!
##Fixed issues:
- Formatted lists don't paste
- Invalid HTML on export
- Links on Preview screen are opened in the same window.
- Image rotating on click.
- Nested (un)ordered lists are not rendered on Preview.
- Unordered list became part of ordered list on Preview.
- No 'mouse over' state for several button in drafts/posts lists.
- App crashes within exit.
- Blank icon in the title of window.
- App starts with blocked editor.
- Return under table moves table down.
- App crashes. Caption for image.
- Popup closes after 17 chars
- Right panel hangs in closed state
- Title blinks while typing
- If we press Tab button it will add styles in table.
- Rendered footnotes in editor (WYSIWYG).



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