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NameCurio 9.4.8
Size45.32 MB
Created on2015-10-17 12:19:22
FilesCurio 9.4.8.dmg (45.32 MB)


Version: 9.4.8
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed
OS version: OS X 10.9+
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
RAM minimum: -
Video RAM: -
What's new in 9.4.8
Fixed crash in the OS X font framework related to text editing in a Curio text figure (aka, no more "a" in the text highlight color control).
Fixed crash in the OS X font framework when preloading the style cache (aka too many simultaneous font requests for El Capitan to handle?).
Fixed crash involving splitter view when transitioning to or from full screen mode.
Fixed issue where Organizer previews and PDF Mirroring wouldn't update correctly.
Fixed issue where the "broken jump target" dialog could interfere with UI layout when loading a project.
Fixed issue where rotated, scanned PDF's were not rendered within Curio with the correct orientation.
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In Curio, create a project to represent your real-world project, then fill it with everything related to that project including notes, bookmarks, images, documents, and much, much more. Use Curio's integrated lists, mind maps, tables, and index cards to organize all of this information or just place it anywhere on the page. Speaking of which, your projects can have dozens or even hundreds of pages, which we call idea spaces.
Anything placed into Curio can be associated with tags, flags, checkboxes, priorities, ratings, and start/due dates and durations, for fast and easy searching and task management.
The best part is you are in complete control over your idea spaces. Make them sloppy or organized, freeform or in a grid, and place anything anywhere. This is called visual thinking and perfectly mirrors your real-world notebooks and whiteboards so you are instantly comfortable in Curio’s innovative environment.
Thousands of customers around the world use Curio in a surprisingly diverse range of occupations. We have students and professors, engineers and designers, lawyers and writers, entrepreneurs and filmmakers, all using Curio for information gathering, brainstorming, and creative exploration.
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