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Name Ultimatte AdvantEdge 1.6.3 for Multiple Hosts OS X Intel
Size 13.20 MB
Created on 2015-11-05 03:46:33
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After a long time searching for this plugin, with no lucky, I have successfully cracked the UltimattePro.framework and I'm using it with Adobe Photoshop CS4 on OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan
Instructions inside the .rar
Júnior Porciúncula 2015
Name: AdvantEdge
Versions: 1.6.3
Link for more information: http://www.ultimatte.com/UltimatteMain/AdvantEdge.html
Now you can combine multiple frame images in just minutes. Fine hair detail, water, shadows, smoke, glass and reflections, even blurred edges -- all composited flawlessly and automatically with Ultimatte AdvantEdge!
Our AdvantEdge plug-in for Adobe, Apple, Avid, Eyeon and Autodesk offers an unparalleled method of combining multi-frame images to produce a composited sequence of images.
It allows you to achieve realistic looking composited scenes that would otherwise be too dangerous, impossible or impractical. Ultimatte AdvantEdge lets you place your talent in any situation without the expense of transporting them and their entourage to a location shoot.
Platform protection
AdvantEdge users get twice the flexibility because it comes ready to go to work on Windows NT/2000/XP, Mac OS X, and Red Hat Linux for one low price.
Stylish user interface with automated controls
The user interface has been designed to automate the control settings by easily sampling different parts of the image or matte with a simple eyedropper cursor. Once a sample has been taken the software automatically sets multiple controls to find the best adjustment.
Fully-linear mask
Eliminates hard edges -- fine detail, blurred images, transparencies and shadows visible in the foreground image will all reproduce in the final composite.
Video Correction
AdvantEdge is the world’s first matte generation tool with video correction filtering (VCF) for the 4:1:1, 4:2:0, and even 4:2:2 digital video formats. VCF restores the lost color information in compressed video formats and greatly reduces the blocky artifacts found in most blue/greenscreen composites using DV footage.
Advanced Spill Suppression and Clean Up controls
Automatically removes discoloration of foreground subjects caused by light reflecting from the blue or green stage. Removing excessive backing color spill from the foreground subject has been automated by sampling the contaminated area with the eyedropper cursor and watching AdvantEdge wash away the spill. Also Matte Clean Up now has individual controls for softening and shrinking the matte.
Roto Screen Correction
A revolutionary method for making poorly shot footage usable by automatically creating an articulate roto-mask to isolate the foreground without the tedious and labor intensive work of traditional rotoscoping.
Smart Matte Sizing
A totally new approach to computing the matte density without allowing the matte to become over dense. Over dense mattes are the most common mistake made in creating traveling mattes. With Smart Matte Sizing it is virtually impossible to over dense the matte.
Color Conformance
Matches the look of the foreground to the background for absolute realism.
Garbage matte
Allows overlaying an externally-generated mask to "extend" the blue or green screen so that wide-angle and long shots can be composited even though they overshoot the screen.

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