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Name: Topaz InFocus
Version: 1.1.0
Language: English
OS Version: OS X 10.6 or later
One of the following: 
・Adobe Photoshop CS3 or later 
・ Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 or later 
・ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 or later 
・ Apple Aperture 2 or later 
・ Apple iPhoto (all versions) 
・ Corel PaintShop Pro or PhotoImpac
Includes: Serial
More info:
The Topaz InFocus plug-in pairs the latest advancements in image deconvolution technology with superior sharpening capabilities to improve overall image quality by reversing blur while restoring, refining and sharpening image detail. Whether employing it to make an unusable image good, a good image better or giving a great image that extra edge, Topaz InFocus produces unparalleled sharpening and deblurring results that add distinction and definition while accentuating key details.
・Ability to restore color and detail (obscured by natural haziness) to image features.
・Micro-contrast tools for fine detail enhancement.
・Built with advanced deconvolution technology to help in reversing the effects of blur.
・Estimate blur tool for unknown / complex blur types.
・Targets four types of blur: generic, out-of-focus, straight motion and unknown.
・Easily integrates into any part of your post-processing workflow.
Better sharpening for digital images 
Most sharpening methods (like Unsharp mask) simply detect the edges within an image and increases the perceived sharpness by creating more drastic tonal transitions (contrast boost). Many times, this boost in edge contrast can produce harsh unappealing results. Topaz InFocus uses image deconvolution technology to mathematically reverse image blur, increasing the actual sharpness and rendering a more natural result. InFocus can enhance the clarity of an already well-focused as well as deblur an out-of-focus or motion blurred image.



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