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Name: PhotosCollage - Justified Photo Layouts
Version: 1.3.2
Release Date: June 24, 2017
Language: English
Developer: Limit Point Software
MAS Rating: 4+
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.10 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K'ed (TNT)

Web Site:
Mac App Store:

Creates justified collages of photos as well as blends of photos horizontally, vertically or square. Create tile images from one using the photo tiling feature.

The automatic justified layout of your photos is ideal for a sequence of photos that are naturally ordered in time. 

Photos are placed within a rectangular column, row by row, extending completing from the left to right margin- like a paragraph of text. In typesetting this is called fully justified text.

Justified collage layout is parameterized by three variables: width, height and padding. This enables control of the shape of the collage.

Additionally you can also blend photos vertically, horizontally or square to create photomontages. This is gradient blending at the seams where the photos are joined.

Blend blends to create larger arrays of photos! 

Finally, use the new 'Tile Photo' feature to segment a photo into an array of rectangular sub images. Specify anywhere from 1 to 9 rows and columns.

Easy to use:

1) Locate the files you want to collage or blend in the Finder, Photos, or a web browser.

2) Drag the files you want to collage or blend into PhotosCollage window's "photo browser" at the bottom. (You can also paste in photos, or browse for them.)

Drag and Drop the files within the browser to reposition them:

Drag photos between one another or on each other to swap them.

3) Photos are blended using a blending gradient. You can choose the width of this gradient in the Preferences window. Set it to 0 to simply abut them.

4) Use the "Blend" button to blend the photos. 

If you quickly click the blend button the photos in the photo browser will be blended horizontally. 

To obtain the menu for selection of the vertical or square blend options simply click down on the Blend button until it appears. 

Square blends are for 4, 9 or 16 images, as 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 arrays respectively. However, you can blend blends to increase the array size on your own.

5) When the blending is completed it will appear in the "Result" window. 

6) For justification, use the width, height and padding buttons to modify parameters that control the size and shape of the collage.

You can now copy the collage or blend to the clipboard or export it to a file.

What's New in Version 1.3.2:
• A new option has been added to the Preferences window for blending labelled 'Inset By Cropping'

If this option is NOT selected then images will be inset by scaling them down to reveal the background color rather than by cropping them. Inset by cropping is the default.

This is useful if you want to inset the images to reveal a background color without trimming any of the images.

Previous recent update:

• New: Tile Photo feature. Segment a photo into an image array - with 1 to 9 columns and/or rows.
• Enhanced Preview: Drag and drop to swap photos inside the preview. Also displays current image selection highlighted, synced with its image browser.
• Other improvements to enhance the user experience.



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