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Name: EasyBatchPhoto
Version: 3.3
Release Date: October 10, 2015
Language: English
Developer: Yellow Mug Software
MAS Rating: 4+
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.9 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Web Site: http://yellowmug.com/easybatchphoto
Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/easybatchphoto/id432029334?mt=12
EasyBatchPhoto is a fast and easy-to-use batch image processor.
Whether you are a webmaster preparing images for your website or a professional photographer watermarking your photos before sending them to clients.  Or even a casual photographer needing to resize and compress photos before uploading them to Flickr.  You will find EasyBatchPhoto invaluable and time-saving.
EasyBatchPhoto frees you from these repetitive tasks by processing hundreds, or even thousands, of images with a single drag-and-drop. Use EasyBatchPhoto to:
● Convert between formats
● Resize images
● Compress file size
● Rotate
● Crop
● Add Watermarks
● Rename
EasyBatchPhoto lets you create presets for different tasks.  You can even export/import presets to share with your co-workers.  All the features in the world is useless if the app is too complicated to use, which is why we make it a top priority to keep the user interface straightforward and self-explanatory.
Please visit easybatchphoto.com to download a free trial.
"Can't leave without!  I have been using EBP since several years now and being a blogger I can't live without it! It helped me to save SO much time when I needed to resize Press Material… Hilgy recommended!"- 5 Stars on App Store (US)
"Very good scaling ...  I tried a lot of scaling apps and wasn't satisfied, until I found EasyBatchPhoto."- 5 Stars on App Store (US)
"Very good software. Fast and simple."- 5 Stars on App Store (US)
"If you need to batch resize images, for example, for uploading to Facebook or similar, or watermarking batches of photos, it's really a life saver ... Strongly recommend."- 5 Stars on App Store (UK)
"Le meilleur des 7 essayés. Utilisatrice consciencieuse, j'ai fait sept tests de logiciels similaires. Ce petit logiciel est de loin le meilleur : ergonomique, convivial mais surtout très performant. En outre il offre de nombreux réglages et options de rendu, et enfin les 'presets' : ah, merci mille fois ! Je ne suis pas déçue d'avoir dépensé presque 12 euros."- 4 Stars on App Store (France)
"I just batched several thousand photos. It really went well and the interface is intuitive. I cannot recommend it more. Thanks!"- 5 Stars on App Store (Germany)
"Viele Fotos mir sehr genauen Einstellungen schnell und gut verkleinern, das hab ich lange gesucht und hier endlich gefunden!"- 5 Stars on App Store (Germany)
"좋습니다. 리사이즈도 간편하고 워터마크도 쉽게 넣을 수 있네요. 여러 파일들을 일괄적용 가능해서 꽤 유용하게 쓸 수 있습니다."- 4 Stars on App Store (Korea)
What's New in Version 3.3:
Fixed an issue where EasyBatchPhoto could hang under certain situations when running on OS X 10.11 El Capitan.



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