Traktor Pro Remix Set – Electric Vice


Traktor pro remix set electric vice icon
Name Electric_Vice_-_Traktor_Remix_Set.trak
Size 12.35 MB
Created on 2016-05-28 18:50:58
Hash 02f6b975835110ad85cbac33bd55550de69dfa9e
Files Electric_Vice_-_Traktor_Remix_Set.trak (12.35 MB)

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The glitched-out, club-pumping sound of modern electro house comes to life with this Remix Set created with sounds from ELECTRIC VICE.
"Electric Vice" 12 MB
Importing Remix Sets to TRAKTOR is easy as that:
1. Download or copy the Traktor Pak (.trak) file containing the Remix Set to your computer. In case of files provided via NI's website, it can be necessary to unpack the zipped file after downloading. 
2. Run TRAKTOR. 
3. Drag and drop the Traktor Pak file onto TRAKTOR's Browser List. Alternatively you can use the Browser Tree's context menu to import Traktor Pak files; right-click the Track Collection entry in the Browser Tree and click on the Import Traktor Pak entry. 
Then navigate to the Traktor Pak file on your system with the file dialog, select it, and click OK for the file to be added to TRAKTOR's Collection. → The Traktor Pak files will be imported to TRAKTOR, and the contained Remix Set(s) added to the Collection. You can now find the Remix Set(s) in the All Remix Sets subfolder of the Track Collection folder in the Browser Tree.

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