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Name: The Drum Sample Broker Frankie P Feels Vol 1

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We live in an age where sampling anything is near impossible without a headache. Record Labels and Publishers refuse to let Hip Hop producers and artists sample their work without commanding a hefty sample clearance fees or outrageous publishing. Times have changed...

The Drum Broker has teamed up with renowned producer Frankie P, best known for his work with A$AP Ferg to bring you an entirely new Sample Library complete 17 Full Compositions and Stems. Frankie P enlisted his team of musicians to craft one of the dopest sample libraries we've got our hands on yet.

These samples require no clearance for independent projects and have guaranteed hassle free master clearance for large commercial projects and major placements!

  ●  Rhodes 73
  ●  Hammond C3 Organ
  ●  Callowhill Bass Guitar
  ●  Tom Anderson Electric Guitar + MORE

  ●  Frank Parra (Synths, Keyboard, Rhodes)
  ●  Evan Marien (Bass)
  ●  Lakov Kremenskiy (Electric Guitar)
  ●  Daniel Lynas (Organ)
  ●  Julissa Lopez (Vocals)
  ●  Gonzalo Contreras (Mixing & Mastering)

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