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Name Replika Sound – Bass Guitar Pick v5.1 KONTAKT
Size 1.34 GB
Created on 2016-05-31 03:24:30
Hash f56cf3699e81e7a94ed3e4c21d0b4b6e0f88149b
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RSGL03 Bass Guitar is a Virtual Instrument Guitar Sample Library.


•Mono Un-Amped Recording.

•3609 Samples, 2.58 GB size.

•True Random-Robin note selection (in 5s for the most used articulations).

•12 key-switched articulations.

•A "Chord-mode" with Strum Speed and Direction controls.

•One-Key triggered chords.

•A "Tremelo Picking Mode" with Speed control.

•Two Display Windows on the GUI - giving the name and constituent notes of each chord selected.

•A Vibrato Key to provide a quick way of playing in vibrato on any articulation.

•2 pages of Effects Units (EQ, Compression, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Convolution Reverb, Speaker Cabinet).

The one key triggered Chord Library includes:

•26 Key-Switched Bar Chord shapes.

•Power Chords for each note.

Key Switched Articulations:

•Legato (Non Vibrato).



•Hammer On.

•Pull Off.

•Slide Up into Note.

•Slide Down after Note.

•Fret Noises.

•Natural Harmonics.

•Thumb Slap (Slap Technique).

•Finger Pull (Slap Technique).


All the features of this instrument are fully MIDI automatable.
All sounds were recorded with natural sustain and resonance (no loops).
All sounds were recorded directly allowing users to add their own amps.
Two versions of the instrument are included - Fingered Bass and Picked Bass.

More information:

Audio demos

Replika Sound RGSL02 Bass Guitar – Bionic Bass Blues



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