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Name: Overloud Plug-Ins
Version: 2016.10.19
Web Site: http://overloud.com/en/products-10/breverb2.html
Web Site: http://www.overloud.com/en/products-11/mark-studio-2.html
AU/VST/Standalone version.
Reverb 2 Effect Plug-In.
Breverb is a hi-end algorithmic reverberation plug-in that aims to faithfully recreate the sound of revered hardware reverbs while keeping CPU load very low. Breverb comprises four different algorithms, Hall, Room, Plate and Inverse, each one accurately modeled and engineered "with no compromises in sound quality". Breverb's no frills hardware-like user interface gives you immediate control over all of the parameters, allowing you to dynamically map parameters to six assignable controllers and to store, recall and automate presets in any way you want.
Main Features:
- 7 main Algorithms: Hall, Room, Plate, Inverse, Spaces small, Spaces large and Sources.
- More than 50 ambient spaces recreated.
- More than 270 factory presets, covering any kind of ambience or application, designed by top-notch sound engineers.
- Modeled after the most sought-after hardware units.
- Each Algorithm is engineered with no compromises in order to achieve maximum quality.
- Full EQ section to tailor Breverb frequency response.
- Extended Nonlinear section to forge reverberation shape.
- "Motion" controls to add liveness and musicality.
- Two different user interface modes: compact and hardware-like.
- Six fully assignable hardware-like faders.
- Full automation capability through host sequencers.
- Extremely low CPU usage: 120 stereo instances can be opened on a Core2Duo 2.4 GHz MacBookPro without any glitches or dropouts.
- Host-sync of all rates and times. 
Released: October 17, 2016
Mark Studio 2.
What's the smallest, most powerful bass amp in the world? The Mark Studio 2! This exciting software gives you 6 Markbass heads, 9 Markbass cabinets and a rich pedalboard to complete your rig and unleash your creativity.
The Mark Studio 2 plugin has been designed to faithfully simulate the sound of Markbass amplification in any DAW application or live situation. No matter what kind of bass you use, the Mark Studio 2 plugin will always give you a very musical array of bass sound choices. It's an indispensable tool to anyone who records on a computer and wants toimprove the sound of the bass either during or after recording.
Key Features:
- Six top-class Markbass amp models: TA501, R500, Classic 300, TTE500, Little Mark Tube and MoMark.
- Nine Markbass cabinets: STD 151HR (rear-ported 1x15"), STD 152HR (rear-ported 2x15"), STD 104HR (rear-ported 1x15"), STD 104HF (front-ported 4x10"), STD 106HF (front-ported 6x10"), Classic 108 (sealed 8x10"), Traveler 121H (front-ported 1x12"), New York 804 (front-ported 4x") and New York 122 (front-ported 2x12”).
- Full pedalboard including: octave, envelope filter, bass chorus, distortion and compressor.
- Choice of 6 microphones, plus a preset combination of 2 front microphones.
- Faithful reproduction of every characteristic and nuance of Markbass amps and cabinets.
- Ultra-flexible signal path makes it easy to balance the Direct (plugin) input, 
Line Out (amp direct Out) and Mic Output levels.

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