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Name: Monoplugs Monique
Version: 1.0.3
Language: English
Includes: Windows Keygen (open with WineBottler, Crossover, ...)
Web Site:
The unique Bass and Lead Synth Plugin
Powerful sound and a smart morphing feature - perfectly suited for live performances, jam sessions, and studio productions.
Cool Sound with cool Controls - not just another Synth!
Monique can be a peaceful girl, but her real power is aggressive leads and deep bold basses.
Her unique Morphing Feature:
Incredibly Flexible - designed for live performance, jamming, and studio recording.
•Up to 8 different programs in one - mix it like a DJ
•Evolve the sound and keep the root to find the way back
•Automate each group of parameters by an own LFO
An extensive Sound Engine:
A bunch of routing options let you feel free.
•3x Morphable oscillators are free routable through 3x3 filter tracks
•4x distortions destroying the signal to get her distinctive roughness
•A loop effect, a delay, a chorus, and a reverb refine the sound


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