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  • Name: ID3 Editor 1.21.25
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Name: ID3 Editor
Version: 1.21.25
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K
OS version: OS X 10.6 or later
Infinite Trial
Courtesy of lfscrew
Mount the .DMG, run Extras/Installer.pkg to install app, command-line tool, and iTunes script.
Just drag app to /Applications (install the command-line tool and script manually)
New features in version 1.21.25
Added a new window style to show the picture and lyrics as tabs.
Added a option to show parts of the extended and podcast fields in a separate section.
Fixed a compatibility issue with some older plugins under Mavericks.
Added release and recorded time to the group editor.
Fixed a recent files issue under Windows XP SP3.
Added the rename file options to insert the track number with leading zeros (based on the tracks) and the number of tracks.
Added the option to export the tag image(s) in the CLI.
Added the option to set the artist URL in the CLI.
The CLI can now rename files based on the tag data even if the tag data is not changed.
Fixed an AIFF issue dealing with corrupt chunks.
Fixed an issue getting the MPEG encoder string.
Added an option to set the editor type by holding down the control key when opening tracks under Windows.
More Info:
ID3 Editor
ID3 Editor is a small and simple MP3 and AIFF ID3 tag editor, which offers the ability to edit the most wanted attributes of the ID3 tags in one window. Although iTunes offers a good interface for editing tags, it does have a few important attributes missing, e.g. 'copyright' and 'encoded by' which is where ID3 Editor saves the day.
MP3 ID3 tags are used to store important information of a music track, such as the track 'title', track 'number', 'artist', 'album' etc. and even the track artwork. The information can then be displayed in your favourite MP3 player application or on your portable player such as an iPod, a Walkman or other music hardware.
Command Line Interface
With the Command Line Interface (CLI) all of the functionality of ID3 Editor is available using the command line and thus can be scripted using shell or batch scripts. This is useful if fields need to be added to tracks quickly and without an interface for example, if you are releasing a podcast and want to add a feed prior to uploading it, then this can be performed in one script.
Main features
Adds or changes ID3 version 1(.1) and 2(.2/.3/.4) tags. Works with MP3 version 1 and 2. Simple to use interface. Easily copies and pastes all the tag information. Adds artwork such as album covers and can add song lyrics. Multiple tracks can easily be edited. Cleans version 2 tags by removing invalid and unused tag information. Option to remove V1 and V2 tags. Can change the title and track number based on the file name. Can rename the track file based on the track and title. No bloat, just small and simple. Supports Unicode (version 2 tags) and Latin 1 character sets. Auto-versioning for compatibility with older systems. Supports AIFF files.

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