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About AirWaves

AirWaves is a unique Synthesizer which uses 24 XY Motion Sequencers to build collages using Shortwave Radio signals as its Sound Source. Shortwave Radio is an Alien World that has fascinated me since childhood and I’ve been wanting to explore making an instrument such as this for a long time. The Motion Sequencers ensure that you will always get something new using the many Randomizers, and presets can have an organically complex lifespan. Each Sequencer can be recorded manually by pressing Record, playing a note and moving the corresponding XY controller. Once the sequence is recorded it will be played back immediately. Alternatively there is a large database of prerecorded Sequences included which are used by the Randomizers.

The intention for the Scripted Instrument was to take some of the ideas used in Motion, adding 4 more Motion Sequencers and attempt to create a Synth that is visually less complex. As a result all of the sound generation is available on a single Panel, and there is only one other Panel which is dedicated to the FX and Preset Browser. The only XY controllers which cannot be recorded are those assigned to the Envelope Attack/Release which is a bit pointless as they cannot be manipulated in real-time by Kontakt.

The samples themselves are taken from many hours of recorded material, attempting to bring out the most interesting loops and to hopefully create a diverse collection of Sounds. The Radios are essentially used as synthesizers to create unique designed loops which are only possible using a radio. There are quite a few number stations captured too, although for the most part these days they tend to be either Morse or Electronic broadcasts as opposed to actual numbers although a few of these were captured. The samples are provided as WAVs as opposed to .ncw so that they can easily be used outside of Kontakt for those that wish to do so.

 ● 508 Wavs recorded using shortwave radio and carefully looped
 ● The Wavs are provided in their native format so they can be used easily outside of Kontakt
 ● 4 Synthesizers with an XY Pad to mix between them
 ● Each Synth has a Filter, AR Envelope, LFO and plays a single Waveform
 ● 28 XY Motion Sequencers which can be manually recorded or use Sequences from the built in database.
 ● Comprehensive FX Section with Reverb, Delay, EQ and Phaser/Chorus/Flanger.
 ● In built Preset System for Browsing/Saving and Loading Presets
 ● 200 Presets Included.
 ● Microtuner with a huge selection of Scales
 ● 7 Global Randomizers with different Algorithms and many local Randomizers.



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