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Name HomeGrown Cassetto v1.31 KONTAKT UPDATE
Size 462.8 MB
Created on 2016-10-26 05:43:21
Hash c7b3ade9cc8b0400fad476a5396a419d7abff3e9
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The idea behind Cassetto was to create a synthesizer which has an old and slightly faulty sound as well as a fairly fixed yet interesting architecture. The end result is a synth with it's own character and capable of some very unique tones. Although Kontakt is often used for complex samples, Cassetto uses sampled oscillators so that it is a true synthesizer and all sounds are constructed in the same way as any other subtractive synth, it comes with 200 presets with more to come, however it is also a synth that invites you to make your own.
・2 Oscillators with both multi-sampled cassette sampled sound and single cycle Waveforms (100 selections in total)
・Noise Oscillator sampled from Tape
・Unstable for warbling the oscillator pitch
・Dual Filters with a large choice of filter types
・Parallel Filters or One for each Oscillator
・3 LFOs with 30 selectable Waveforms, LFO1/2 reset on note on, LFO3 is free running
・Random LFO for the Filters
・Filter Envelope for the Cutoff, Pitch and Optional Volume of Oscillator 2
・VCA Envelope for Volume Control
・Envelope 3 assignable to Resonance LFO1 speed and LFO 3 level
・Reverb with 50 Impulse Responses
・Modulator with a choice from Chorus, Flanger or Phaser
・Versatile Arpeggiator with Sequencers for various parameters plus 6 Modulation Sequencers
・various Chord Modes for the Arpeggiator
・Preset Browser with the ability to save presets
・Global Randomizer and Default, with the ability to save you own Default preset.
・Scale Re-Mapper with 78 Scales
・Section Default and Randomizer buttons
・over 300 Presets
Cassetto updated to v1.3:
・Improved the Visibility of the Information Panel
・Length Mode for the ARP Chord Modes that only triggers new notes if they are not already playing, using the length slider can create some interesting rhythmic results, and can be automated.
・3 Root Modes for the ARP where the Root note decides the Key and Scale that all other Notes pass through.
・“High & CHORD ARP” Mode Added – Lowest Note plays the Pitch Sequence, other notes play without Pitch sequencer
・“Low & CHORD ARP” Mode Added – Lowest Note plays the Pitch Sequence, other notes play without Pitch sequencer
・Scale Re-mapper added to to the ARP Pitch output
・Each Sequencer now has a Repeat Button which will cause each step to repeat x times before moving on. The Repeat Time is set by the Repeat Slider which previously only affected Pitch.
・Added Modulation Sequencers to the ARP for Filter 1 & 2, Resonance 1 & 2, Filter Decay and Volume Release.
・Percentage Knob for controlling the overall level of the Modulation Sequencers.
・Sustain Pedal Now works as expected when the ARP is disabled
・Added 22 Custom LFO Shapes
・12 Multi Waveforms using multiple single cycles added to the Waveform Selections
・Panel Selection is now sticky and can be saved by Saving the Cassetto .nki
・Fixed a bug where negative Keyboard → Filter didn’t invert
・Fixed a bug where the display flickered occasionally
・Fixed a bug where the ARP length when extreme could cause polyphony runaway
Web Site: http://hgsounds.com/news/cassetto-for-kontakt-updated-to-v1-3/



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