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Name Gothic Instruments SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes KONTAKT
Size 6.59 GB
Created on 2016-11-27 04:06:21
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Whoosh and transition sounds rendered from SCULPTOR: Massive Whooshes

From almighty high speed screeching whooshes to softer, slower swishes and everything in between, this huge collection of 24-bit Wav samples has been created using the presets inside Gothic Instruments SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes Kontakt instrument. 

Create speed, drama, tension and surprise in your music - whether you're creating soundtracks for movie trailers and video games or just need a source of unique transition sounds to smooth over changes in your music, this audio pack is a must-have addition to your SFX toolbox. 

And, as there's a strong chance that this audio pack will get your fingers itching to manipulate and craft sounds yourself, when you buy this pack you'll automatically receive a £15 discount code to use against the full SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes instrument (requires full version of Kontakt). 

Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio created and processed the original Massive Whooshes audio. Of the sound creation, he says... "As you can imagine by listening to the sounds, the Doppler effect was of paramount importance for adding a sense of speed and realism to this library. Apart from that, granular synthesis and re-synthesis are some of my favourite techniques to create interesting sonic textures and take the original recordings to a whole new level, while preserving the "organic" quality. I also experiment a lot with complex effects chains and signal routing, to enhance a sound or completely mangle it. Convolution and morphing are other techniques that were useful to twist the sounds in exotic and unpredictable ways.”

Content Summary
•Hollywood-quality whoosh and transition SFX
•2,778 24-bit WAV samples
•Each sound supplied with three different attack times
•6s, 8s and 12-second variations labelled according to the peak point of the sound (500ms, 1s, 4s)
•Includes 48kHz version for media composers and 44.1kHz for commercial productions
•Sounds created and processed by Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio
•Expanded size: 11.22GB

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