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NameComposers Tools Thing Thong KONTAKT
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Created on2016-06-14 03:32:14
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If you have ever wanted an instrument that's full of inspiration and versatile enough to turn it's hand to percussion, pads, guitar or tuned sound design, then Thing Thong is for you.
Thing Thong runs in the full version of Kontakt. The interface features 4 modules and within each you can activate up to 8 available sound sources. Use the source menus to mix the sources volume, panning and tuning, before sending the signal to mixing and FX. The onboard compressor and a Surround Panner are provided to help you adjust your sound's punch and width.
Randomisation is your friend with Thing Thong, and each control can be randomised by shift clicking an interface control. For ultimate creativity there's also a “total randomiser” button.
Thing Thong is a very flexible instrument and includes both one-shot playback and an arpeggiator which follows the notes in the order that you press them. There are many different note divisions and also special arpeggio patterns which combine repetitions with ADSR and FX randomisation.
Size: 3.69 GB
Kontakt Version: 5.5.2 or higher
Audio Format:
24Bit/48kHz uncompressed stereo WAV PCM
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