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Name: Audirvana Plus
Version: 2.4
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: 10.9 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
CoreAudio-compatible DAC
Includes: Pre-K'ed
Link for more information:
Highest quality audio player for the Mac
- Native playing of FLAC, libSndFile (WAV, AIFF, …), ALAC and other quicktime formats (AAC, MP3, …)
- Direct sound path, directly to the !CoreAudio HAL for pure bit perfect sound
- Audio Device exclusive access mode
- HAL I/O using DAC native physical formats “Integer Mode” (instead of CoreAudio 32bit float)
- Automatic sample rate switching
- Up/Oversampling capability
- Plays completely from memory
- Tracks are loaded, decoded and sample rate converted in a memory buffer before being played
- Minimizing CPU and hard drive activity to lessen sources of interference
- Gapless playback by using a double buffering mechanism (playing track and next track)
- Transparent split load for loading tracks of any size
- Background tracks loading/decoding (including sample rate conversion)
- Playlist (m3u & m3u8 formats) load/save
- Handles Apple IR Remote
Release 2.4
Functions for A+ Remote 1.5 (Qobuz and HighResAudio navigation, playlists view as albums, ...)
HighResAudio VirtualVault integration
Load sequentially streaming tracks to reduce network load (network bandwidth is the bottleneck)
Qobuz: option to limit the max quality for low bandwidth connections
Streaming: show playlists as albums (in addition to tracks list)
Manual playlists can now be sorted (for local and streaming playlists)
Add Mytek Manhattan to known DoP compatible DACs
Add shortcut (⌥⌘B) to display album booklet when the album tracks view is displayed
Bug fix:
Fix artist, composer, album artist text truncated in tracks list view
Update Sparkle framework to 1.13.1 (security fix). https connection to was already used though
FLAC metadata saving: For ensemble, replace the existing tag ORCHESTRA or ENSEMBLE if any, not forcing to have ORCHESTRA tag
Other bug fixes



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