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NameAuddict Drums of the Deep II UNLEASHED KONTAKT
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Name: Auddict Drums of the Deep II UNLEASHED

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"Drums of the Deep II - UNLEASHED" is a percussion library for Kontakt 4 and above (full retail version only - not the free Kontakt player)

For this library, various ensembles of drums were recorded, including original instruments used in famous scores such as "Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars" and "Harry Potter".

Instruments are up to five mic positions, with as many as seven dynamic layers, multiplied be seven repetitions per hit, giving a total of up to 49 possible iterations of a particular hit, to ensure realism in performance.

List of instruments/nki patches:

•Taikos Ensemble.
•Gran Casas Ensemble (Colossal Bass Drums) 1.
•Gran Casas Ensemble (Different Set Of Colossal Bass Drums) 2.
•8 Drum Army (More Taikos and Gran Casas).
•Field Drums Ensemble.
•Frame Drums Ensemble.
•Huge Toms Ensemble.
•Rope Tension Drums Ensemble.
•Boobams (Solo).
•Surdos Ensemble.
•Timpani Ensemble (Five timpani at once!)​.

Each instrument was sampled with a variety of articulations/mallets/techniques, including the following (not every articulation is possible in every drum):

•hard sticks on the middle.
•hard sticks near the edge.
•heavy sticks on the rims.
•soft sticks on the rims.
•leather mallets on the middle.
•leather mallets near the edge.
•medium soft mallets on the middle.
•medium soft mallets near the edge.
•very soft mallets on the middle.
•very soft mallets near the edge.
•brushes on the edge.
•brushes on the middle.


Here are some of the things which make Drums of the Deep II, the powerhouse sample library that it is.

•Over 27GB of top quality content
•Five microphone positions, to blend you own personal sound
•Bigger than ever, with up to eight drummer ensembles recorded
•Over 20,000 samples included
•Over 50 instruments recorded to create this library


After the success of "Drums of the Deep I", which made its way swiftly into major scores, such as video game shooter of the year, "Titanfall" by Stephen Barton, who described it as a "staple in his template", we could not possibly stop there - so we've taken it all to a new level, and are proud to present DRUMS OF THE DEEP II

•In "Drums of the Deep II", we recorded as many as EIGHT drummers playing at once, for a sound that can only be described as cataclysmic...
•Over fifty instruments were recorded, and every drum was meticulously mic'ed to capture every sonic detail these magnificent instruments had to offer.
•We spent much longer recording this library, ending with a huge amount of content... Includes up to 7RR per hit, 6/7 dynamic layers, and many different types of mallets/sticks and techniques.




Auddict Drums of the Deep II UNLEASHED KONTAKT
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