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NameAmarra Symphony 3.0.4 (4562) Rel.2
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Name: Amarra Symphony 
Version: 3.0.4 (4562)
Mac Platform: Intel
Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later recommended

Web Site:

New ked release that is supposed to fix the previously
posted installer bugs.

Audiophile music player

Amarra Symphony is the premier audiophile Macintosh computer music player; it reveals the finest detail and nuance in your music. Amarra Symphony 3.0 represents a significant upgrade with added support for DSD playback and realtime sample rate conversion. Combined, these features bring a consistent user experience regardless of your audio interface. Amarra Symphony 3.0 includes our mastering quality parametric EQ with presets optimized for high-quality headphone manufacturers such Audeze, KEF, Grado, Nuforce and more.

Amarra has one neat feature unique to their system and that's their EQ. When going from Hifi to their Symphony level software you are paying for better EQ features and Sonic Studio's precision metering. 

WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3 and more
DSD playback 
• Supports 64/128 DSF formats
• Uses advanced realtime DSD to PCM conversion
Special Cache and Playlist modes
Works with iTunes or stand-alone
Integrated 64-bit 3-Band Parametric EQ
Additional Full Sonic 4-Band Mastering EQ
Includes iRC Impulse Response Correction

I use it with Audio Essentials 1.0.5 (*) ,and the result is really great !!

The creation of new filters using iRC Measure is done via internet in Sweden. 
If you would like to use it, you need an account on their site.
Do to all this the tool is not kracked.

What's New in Version 3.0.4:
• Various bug fixes, Sierra compatibility

• Fix for iTunes slider resetting playtime
• Fix for 4x (176.4. 192) iRC/iRC(b) Filter Bank filter switching
• Preference change: removed Preload track countand titled 'PRELOAD ALBUM (GAPLESS)'
• Improved error messaging for customers trying to activate with wrong code
• New Amarra Symphony Splash Screen

• Fix for Default EQ
• Fix for iTunes launching on quitting Amarra when in Playlist mode
• Improvements to Cache playback
• Enhancements for 10.9 Security requirements
• Various minor bug fixes

• Change to User Interface
• DSD playback via DSD-to-PCM conversion
• Sample Rate Conversion: Downsample ( i.e. 192 to 96 for playback)
• Streaming Support: Requires Amarra sQ application
• Numerous enhancements and stability improvements



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