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Created on 2016-11-24 00:29:49
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Name: Panolapse
Version: 1.25
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.6 or later
Includes: K
Show package contents > put panolapse.swf in /Contents/Resources/ and overwrite
Web Site:
Panolapse is a tool for creating timelapse videos, with features for panning, zooming, deflickering, RAW metadata interpolation, and batch rendering.
*Panning. Simulate rotational panning with perspective correction.
*Zooming. Animate a lens zoom in or out of your scene.
*Blend frames with RAWBlend. Interpolate RAW metadata like exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation, and more.
*Deflicker. Smoothen changes in brightness.
*Autoexposure. Get perfect exposure no matter what camera settings you're at, analyzing changes in aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.
*Combine JPG images into a video. Export to high-quality images or video (jpg, mp4, mov).
*Fisheye Lens support. Works with both normal lenses and fisheyes.
*Animate stitched panoramas. Supports 360° equirectangular panoramic images.
*Fisheye Effect. Convert timelapses to fisheye perspective for added artistic effect.
Rotational Panning
A wide-angle image can be rotationally panned with perspective correction.
A fisheye lens allows up to 360° rotation.
The concept behind Panolapse's motion effect is similar to that of 360° panorama viewers, using 3D perspective correction to simulate real-world accurate movements.
Up to now, photographers generally had two methods for adding motion to time-lapse sequences. One approach has been to mount the camera on a motorized track or head. These systems are often heavy and restrictive. The other method applies video-editing software to digitally crop and slide. But since this doesn't correct for perspective, the results can be unnatural.
Panolapse applies perspective correction to create natural panning. It adds rotational motion to a sequence, essentially acting as a motorized-head
Animate RAW setttings with RAWBlend
RAWBlend is a powerful tool for blending from one frame to another seamlessly. Set keyframe images, and let RAWBlend interpolate your exposure, color temperature, contrast, and other metadata between images. With RAWBlend, you can process just your first and last frames - it does the rest.
Slight mechanical differences between each shot by the camera often causes flickering in a timelapse video. Panolapse corrects this by tuning each frame's brightness levels towards a computed moving average for optimal smoothness.
AutoExposure and the "Holy Grail"
When shooting a timelapse in rapidly changing light (such as sunrise or sunset), it may be necessary to adjust camera settings to keep the image properly exposed. This is known as the "Holy Grail timelapse," as it's so difficult to get right. AutoExposure automates this process by analyzing each frame for changes in aperture, shutter-speed, and ISO - and then adjusts exposure accordingly. Shoot at any setting and get perfect exposure every frame.
Convert to a fisheye lens
The fisheye effect is an artistic tool for your timelapse videos, simulating a fisheye perspective. Non-fisheye photos can be converted to fisheye (or vice versa). This perspective bends horizons, magnifies the center, and spans an ultra-wide field of view. Used tastefully, it can add that extra "wow" factor to your time lapse videos.
Animate Stitched Panoramas
Aside from timelapses, if you're into creating panorama images, you can use Panolapse to animate your panorama as a moving video by importing a 360°x180° equirectangular image.
What's New in Version 1.25:
• AutoExposure support for manual lenses and various minor fixes.



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