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NameCLO Enterprise 2.3.135
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Created on2016-07-11 23:45:32
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Name: CLO Enterprise
Version: 2.3.135
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: 10.7 and later (Except OSX 10.11 El Capitan)
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Includes: K
Courtesy of n0MAD
Web Site:
This is 100% 3D
And the result of over 10 years of R&D in cutting-edge computer graphics technology. Our sophisticated algorithm simulates the physical properties of fabrics to accurately visualize the way they drape in real-life.
First things first: CLO is neither a mobile app nor a magical clothing-scanning device. It's a design software that runs on your computer-desktopor laptop, Mac or PC.
It begins with a 3D body - avatar, body scan, or dress form, available in different shapes andsizes.
Stop Chasing. Start Designing.
With CLO, lead times are reduced from weeks to mere minutes*.
Confirm and fine-tune the 3D before you cut, make, trim, and ship the physical.
Eliminate the need for excess sample rounds and over-development, not to mention the costs that come with them.
It's time to shift the focus away from the chase and back to what really matters the most: your product.
ChangeLog for 2.3.135:
- [New] High-quality Rendering
- [New] CLO Fabric Kit + Fabric Emulator
- [New] Cut
- [New] Pleats Folding + Sewing
- [New] Multiple Program Windows
- [New] DXF Size Information + Grading
- [New] Check Sewing Length tool. Display differences in sewing length.
- [New] 2D Pattern Snapshot (1:1)
- [New] Add Project
- [New] UV Guide
- [New] Round Corner
- [New] Align Points
- [New] Seam Line Topstitch
- [New] Double-Click/Drag&Drop for .mea, .avs, .btn, .bth, .sst files in Library Window
- [New] On/Off Options for Avatar Collision Detection
- [New] Show/Hide Selected Avatars
- [New] Joint Reset
- [New] Display Skeletorn
- [New] Topstitch Normal Map
- [New] Pattern Annotations
- [New] Superimpose (Side)
- [New] Duplicate Graphics to Symmetric Patterns
- [Improved] +30% Simulation speedup
- [Improved] Mac version enhancements( +70% speedup )
- [Improved] Changes to the Avatar Size Interface
- [Improved] Colorway saves Texture Transformation.
- [Improved] Display Baselines, Internal Lines/Shapes, Pattern Names, Segment Length, Grain line in Print Layout Mode
- [Improved] Save/Load Graphic Name
- [Improved] Auto Sync
- [Improved] "Free Sewing/Stitching" operation on intersected shapes
- [Improved] 2D point snapping accuracy
- [Improved] More realistic Light setting
- [Improved] Import DXF settings saved
- [Improved] Save Avatar Data Separately
- [Improved] Tablet Compatibility
- [Changed] Terms of Service document
- [Changed] Changes to Sewing Styles. Improvements to the interface of Sewing and Topstitches
- [Changed] Thickness as a Fabric Property. Added "Thickness" in Fabric property and changed "Thickness - Simulation" to "Add'l Thickness - Collision" and "Thickness - Rendering" to "Add'l Thickness - Rendering" in Pattern Property Editor
- [Changed] Avatar Bounding Volumes + Arrangement Points in the Avatar Editor
- [Fixed] Crash when double-press "Delete" key after selecting a button with Edit Button tool in 2D window.
- [Fixed] Crash sometimes when creating a button hole in Thick Garment Rendering Style
- [Fixed] Crash when doing "Fold arrangement" on deactivated sewing lines.
- [Fixed] Button is misplaced when placing a pattern on Arrangement Point.
- [Fixed] Button is misplaced when Undoing the placement of a pattern on Arrangement Point
- [Fixed] Some vertices are misplaced when doing "Fold Arrangement"
- [Fixed] Delete texture of a button when deleting the texture of the pattern including the button.
- [Fixed] Crash when using "Stitch Style Assign".
- [Fixed] Setting a color in Color Palette does not work after importing xTex files
- [Fixed] Fail to create a thumbnail of 32bit png image file.
- [Fixed] Wrong display of a texture sometimes when repeating to scale the texture.
- [Fixed] "Diffuse Color Combined On Texture" option does not work for a pattern without a texture when exporting as OBJ
- [Fixed] Crash when loading some Collada files.
- [Fixed] Crash when drag & drop some JPG images.
- [Fixed] crash sometimes when import DXF file.
- [Fixed] crash sometimes when using trace tool.
- [Fixed] crash sometimes when using snapping tool.
- [Fixed] Some cloths with a very tiny triangle are extremely over-stretched during simulation.
- [Fixed] Graphic is not transparent in "Transparent Surface" garment rendering style
- [Fixed] (Mac OS) Double-Click does not work for .Zprj and .Zpac files in Finder
- [Fixed] (Mac OS) Image Desaturation does not work on some Mac OSs.

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