Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug 9.0.2


Boris Continuum Complete FixPlug

Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug 9.0.2

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  • Added:2014-10-09
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Name: Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug for Apple
Version: 9.0.2
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K'ed
OS version: 10.9 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
More information:
Welcome to Boris Continuum Complete (BCC)
– the world’s most comprehensive visual effects plug-in collection. BCC contains over two hundred effects spanning 17 effects categories including plug-ins for 3D text, chroma keying, image restoration, glows, lens flares, volumetric lighting, transitions, and much more. For a full introduction to BCC for Final Cut Pro and Motion including video highlights, filter galleries, and a wealth of online tutorials please visit
Top Feature Highlights in BCC 9
FX Browser™: The FX Browser™ can be accessed both in each individual filter and as a standalone to browse the entire BCC effects library. The built-in browsing history lets you keep track of your most recent searches. All effects play back over moving video in your timeline, not just a poster frame.
The Transition Group: BCC 9 delivers 23 new transitions to editors. You now have 30+ dissolves and wipes. (3x the amount of BCC 8!) Add Flutter Cuts, Blur and Glow dissolves, a retro Damaged TV dissolve, and much more to your arsenal.
The Film Group: BCC Vignette. Apply a soft camera lens or screen projection over your footage with added luminosity and defocus controls. BCC 2-Strip Color. Mimic the over-saturated Technicolor look of classic Hollywood Films.
30 Filters & Transitions. Work more creatively.
Open CL and CUDA acceleration for supported graphics cards. Work even faster.
What's New
Version 9 . 0 . 2:
10 new effects:
2-Strip Color
Laser Beam
Pan & Zoom -- now 3D
Chroma Key Studio 2
Lens Correction
Edge Grunge
Magic Sharp
Grunge (Motion)
24 new or redesigned transitions:
Blobs Wipe
Blur Dissolve
Checker Wipe
Composite Dissolve
Damaged TV Dissolve
Film Glow Dissolve
Flutter Cut
Grid Wipe
Lens Distortion Wipe
Lens Flare Dissolve
Lens Flare Round
Lens Flare Spiked
Lens Flash
Light Wipe
Rays Dissolve
Ribbon Wipe
Rings Wipe
Ripple Dissolve
Tile Wipe
Tritone Dissolve
Vector Blur Dissolve
Vignette Wipe
Water Waves Dissolve
Pan and Zoom enhancements:
3D moves
Improved action/title safe guides
New HTML-based help system offering richer and more dynamic learning guides
Improved 4K rendering support in OpenGL accelerated filters
Native float rendering support for effects in the 3D Objects category
Hardware antialiasing for enhanced edge quality in the 3D Objects category
Major performance improvements in some OpenGL filters such as Damanged TV, Scanlines, and Glint
New Gradient feature in many BCC Wipe transitions
Integrated Beat Reactor added to Stage Light
Composite On Source and Gamma Adjustment added to Stage Light
Built in Motion Blur added to Corner Pin
Tracker Time Offset added to Corner Pin
Colored Background option added to Swish Pan
Brightness Peak and Control Peak added to Lens Transition
New presets added across a wide range of effects
Numerous bug fixes
Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug 9.0.2 for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Motion was released on 9/15/2014

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