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Block outgoing connections with Little Snitch, Hands Off, or Hosts File. Block outgoing connections with Little Snitch, Hands Off, or Hosts File. CodeRunner is the best way to write code on your Mac. You can run code in almost any language instantly, and you'll be surprised by the powerful set of features in such a lightweight and easy-to-use editor. Run Code in Any Language CodeRunner was built on the principle that you should be able to run your code instantly in any language. CodeRunner can run code in 23 languagesout-of-the-box, and can be easily extended to run code in any other language. Adding a language is as easy as entering its terminal command. CodeRunner can also run multi-file projects without any manual setup required. Advanced Code Completion Any programmer knows the importance of good code completion. That's why CodeRunner supports full-blown IDE-level code completion for most languages, that includes fuzzy-search, tab-selectable placeholders, and documentation snippets. Code Templates Quickly get down to coding without the need to write main functions or other repetitive code. CodeRunner includes a number of fully-customizable templates for each language, to easily create classes, scripts, main methods, and the like. This also makes it easy to create multi-file projects. More Features ✓ TextMate theme support ✓ Automatic indentation support ✓ Interactive console ✓ File navigator ✓ Intelligent bracket matching ✓ Custom compile flags ✓ Symbol navigator ✓ Run with arguments & input sets ✓ Word completions ✓ Multiple selections ✓ Live run statistics ✓ Software updates Language Overview Below is a summary of all the languages CodeRunner supports out-of-the-box. Language Run Instantly Code Completion No Extra Installation Syntax Highlighting AppleScript ✓ Basic ✓ ✓ C ✓ IDE-level ✓ ✓ C# ✓ Basic ✓ C++ ✓ IDE-level ✓ ✓ Go ✓ Coming Soon ✓ HTML/CSS ✓ IDE-level ✓ ✓ Java ✓ IDE-level ✓ JavaScript ✓ IDE-level ✓ ✓ jQuery ✓ IDE-level ✓ ✓ LaTeX ✓ Coming Soon ✓ Lua ✓ Library Functions ✓ Markdown ✓ None ✓ ✓ Node.js ✓ IDE-level ✓ ✓ Objective-C ✓ IDE-level ✓ Objective-C++ ✓ IDE-level ✓ Perl ✓ Library Functions ✓ ✓ PHP ✓ IDE-level ✓ ✓ Python ✓ IDE-level ✓ ✓ Python 3 ✓ IDE-level ✓ Ruby ✓ Basic ✓ ✓ Rust ✓ Coming Soon ✓ Shell Script ✓ Basic ✓ ✓ Swift ✓ Coming Soon ✓ Syntax Highlighting Only * ActionScript * Ada * AngularJS* * ASP * Clojure * D * Erlang * Fortran - Modern * Fortran - Punchcard * Groovy * Haskell * Jade * Java Server Page (JSP) * JavaDoc * JSON * Lasso * Less * Lisp * MultiMarkdown * Pascal * Postscript * Property List * RequireJS* * reStructuredText * Scala * SQL * Strings File * Tcl * Textile * XML * XSL * YAML * Also supports IDE-level code completion. You can also add your own syntax definitions, using TextMate language grammars. All languages support word-completions. What's New in CodeRunner 2 CodeRunner 2 is a complete overhaul of the original app, and introduces major new features and improvements across the board. You'll love CodeRunner 2's slick interface, ease of use, and powerful editing features. Major changes include: * Revamped syntax highlighting. CodeRunner 2 now uses TextMate syntax definitions, which provide better syntax highlighting and support for many more languages. You can even install your own syntaxes. * Revamped code completion. CodeRunner 2 features fully-dynamic code completion with fuzzy search, tab-selectable placeholders, and documentation snippets. * Improved multi-file run support. CodeRunner 2 does a better job running multiple-file projects. * TextMate theme support. You can now use the popular TextMate theme format in CodeRunner 2. * Revamped templates. CodeRunner 2 features vastly improved template functionality, including multiple and dynamic templates. It's now super easy to create classes, document structures, etc. * Improved extendability. With CodeRunner 2, you can now import and export languages. This makes it easy to share your custom languages with others, or download languages from the web. * HTML and Browser JavaScript support. The console in CodeRunner 2 has a new web mode enabling support for HTML and DOM JavaScript. It even supports live preview of your document while it's being edited. * Text editing improvements. CodeRunner 2 contains many new text editing features, such as the symbol navigator, better indentation support, improved behavior under source control, word-completions and more. * Run statistics. You can now keep better track of your code while it's running. CodeRunner 2 displays live CPU and memory usage, in addition to spent CPU time once your code is finished running. * Bundled compilers. CodeRunner 2 now includes the compilers necessary for running C and C++ code, so you don't need to have Xcode installed for these languages. * El Capitan support. In addition to loads of UI enhancements, CodeRunner 2's look and feel now integrates seamlessly with OS X El Capitan. Mac App Store:



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