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Name AppCode 3.3.2
Size 201.3 MB
Created on 2015-12-16 00:39:34
Hash cbce797d7087fe521694f35c07d530941be2adb8
Files AppCode 3.3.2/AppCode-3.3.2-custom-jdk-bundled.dmg (200.9 MB)
AppCode 3.3.2/JetBrainsCrackV2.3/ (328.6 kB)
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Name: AppCode
Version: 3.3.2 (143.1184)
Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: K
OS version: OS X 10.9 or higher
RAM minimum: 2 GB
Xcode 6.4 or higher
Block connections to:
Allow connections to: (Optional)
Courtesy of Rover12421
1. Follow the steps in JetbrainsCrackV2.3/instructions_appcode.txt
This is a permanent crack, vs the license server method that is also floating around there (
It will need to be re-applied every time you upgrade the app
Release Date: December 9, 2015
What's New in Version 3.3.2
AppCode 3.3.2 is a bug-fix update
Full Release Notes:
Direct Download:
More Info:
Swift execution of your bright ideas
Turn your bright ideas into outstanding iOS/OS X apps with ease and pleasure. Rely on AppCode's intelligent assistance as you code, refactor, debug and test.
Intelligent development environment
Thanks to an in-depth understanding of your code structure, AppCode takes care of your routine tasks and saves you from extra typing. It gives you smart code completion, formatting, reordering, automatic import, and powerful navigation options and code generation. Quickly fine-tune your apps or unit tests using a robust LLDB debugger with flexible breakpoints, watches, frames view and evaluate expressions.
The complete experience
AppCode is 100% compatible and interoperable with Xcode, with no additional configuration required. It seamlessly integrates with the most popular version control systems; Kiwi and Google testing frameworks; Dash and Ingredients documentation tools; CocoaPods (including intention actions in pod files and automatic install and update of pods); Reveal application; and a number of issue trackers. An integrated UI Designer is also included.
Code quality is important
AppCode is constantly monitoring the quality of your code. It warns you of errors and smells and suggests quick-fixes to resolve them automatically. Clang Static Analyzer is integrated as well, and a wide range of reliable refactorings lets you easily clean and improve your code in the most accurate and intelligent way.
Many languages, one IDE
AppCode natively supports Objective-C, Swift, C and C++, including C++11, libc++ and Boost, as well as JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS and XPath. Use your preferred language to create your iOS/OS X application.

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