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NameMerlin Project 3.1.4
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Name: Merlin Project
Version: 3.1.4
Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: 10.9.5 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
Includes: Pre-K'ed
More Info:
What's New
Per-project base costs of resources are now included in the following fields: Planned Costs, Planned Work Costs, Expected Costs, Expected Work Costs, Actual Costs, Actual Work Costs
Fixed bugs
Improved general stability.
Fixed some issues which occurred when importing or exporting MS Project documents.
When switching to the report view, the application could crash.
In some cases, LDAP searches in the Library did not work properly.
"Search & Replace" did not work in all cases.
The names in the project column and the name of the root activity could differ.
Copying rows from the attachments view to a text document did not work.
Clicking the "Today" button in a popup calendar did sometimes show the wrong day.
Closing a popup calendar could sometimes close the document window.
Some exported XML documents could not be opened again.
What is Merlin Project (formerly Merlin)
If you plan complex projects, you won’t get far with a simple list of tasks.
Good planning raises questions about the dependencies of activities on each other, the impact of delays on the project completion date, and budget planning. Here, a spreadsheet quickly runs up against its limitations.
These are precisely the answers Merlin Project provides you with to plan and implement projects with just a few mouse clicks. Have we whetted your appetite? Read on to learn about all the benefits of this truly magical software.



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