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NameAppCode 2016.2.1
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Name: AppCode - Objective-C IDE for developers.
Version: 2016.2.1
Released: August 18, 2016
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.11 or higher
2 GB RAM recommended

Web Site:

AppCode - Integrated Development Environment (IDE), providing a complete set of tools
for professional work with Swift programming language, Objective-C, C, C ++, and JavaScript, and built on the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA platform.
Features AppCode:

- Support for Swift, Objective-C, C, C ++, XML, HTML, CSS, XPath, JavaScript.
- Intelligent customizable editor with autocompletion, to generate the code, live templates, multiple cursors and select blocks of text, automatic insertion and optimization of import.
- Parsing code in real-time - mistakes are highlighted and corrected with a single click.
- Navigation on the project, you can instantly go from one file to another method or through a hierarchy of classes.
- Reliable refactoring, including Rename, Introduce Variable, Extract Parameter / Method / Block Parameter, Change Signature, Move, etc.
- Integration with version control systems: a unified interface with Git, GitHub, Mercurial, Subversion, Perforce, CVS.
- Integrated Unit Testing: OCUnit, Kiwi, Google Test, XCTest.
- Integrated debugger with personalized setting: breakpoints, frames, watches and expression evaluation.
- Developing for iOS: start / Debugging on your device, iOS simulator.
- The integrated plug-in for inspection Reveal iOS app with 2D / 3D-visualization and change the appearance of the parameters on the fly.
- Seamless integration CocoaPods, including the installation of the missing pods.
- Interoperability Xcode without additional configuration: files and changes are automatically synchronized.
- Integration with bug trackers: Atlassian JIRA, JetBrains YouTrack, Lighthouse, Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, Redmine, Trac.

What's New in Version 2016.2.1:
Improvements for error handling intentions, such as Add ‘catch' clause, Add default ‘catch' clause, Add try and others.
Override/Implement (^O/^I) popup now shows methods from extensions for Swift classes and doesn't insert superclass @available attributes
Move/Subclass/Superclass/Pull Members Up/Push Members Down refactorings now work correctly (OC-13608)
Framework submodules imported using @import directive are now correctly resolved.
Fixes for debugger issues with breakpoints in project with symlinks (OC-13971) and Core Data entity properties (OC-13981).

CocoaPods support in AppCode



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