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Name: Aeon Timeline 2
Version: 2.2.3
Release Date: June 17, 2017
Language: English
Developer: Scribble Code
MAS Rating: 4+
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.8 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor

Includes: Pre-K'ed (TNT)

Web Site:
Mac App Store:

Aeon Timeline 2 is the next generation of Visual Timeline Software, rewritten from the ground up to provide a fresh new User Experience. 

It comes packed with features for creative writers, project management, case management, historians and student projects.


Whether you are in the opening stages of planning a novel, in the final stages of editing, or anywhere in between, Aeon Timeline has tools and features to help you understand your characters, avoid plot holes and inconsistencies, and visualise your story in new ways.

With Aeon Timeline 2, you can:
- Model not only the events of your story, but the backstory of each of your characters
- Capture relationships between events and your characters, locations, and story arcs
- Visually group events by character, location, or arc
- Calculate character ages for every event
- Create your own custom fantasy calendar if your story takes place off-world.
- Synchronise your timeline with your Scrivener project


A little like a Gantt chart but a lot more flexible, Aeon version 2 allows you to plan multiple projects and keep them up to date throughout their lifetime. We know that few plans can survive the first few weeks of activity, so we make editing and moving your plans intuitive and straightforward. 

With Aeon Timeline 2, you can:
- Visually group events by project, employee, location, or resource
- Use dependencies to link events and maintain correct ordering
- With nested events, zoom in for detailed subtasks or zoom out for  project overview
- Auto-calculate values such as a parent’s completion percentage or cost from child events
- Add your own custom fields that you wish to track for each event


Our pre-configured editable templates allow you to start a project for just about any reason.

Features for everyone include:
- Select from a range of pre-configured templates or create your own
- Add your own images, external links, notes and research to your events so that you have everything you need linked from a single location.
- Filter events by almost anything, so that you can narrow your focus when trying to identify and resolve specific conflicts
- Zoom to the time scale you wish to see: anything from billions of years to individual minutes and seconds.
- Add bookmarks within your timeline so that you can easily jump between key milestones.
- Choose from a number of timeline styles, including absolute dates, relative dates (Day 1, Day 2), and numeric timelines.
- Export your timeline to an interactive Web display, or to image and PDF formats
- Import CSV files to populate your timeline


You can view video screencasts of Aeon Timeline in action at


For application support, visit or email our support team at

What's New in Version 2.2.3:
* Version 2.2.3 *
- Fixed issue preventing syncing with Ulysses on some computers
- Fixed potential crash importing certain CSV files
- Added warning feedback when creating an entity via inspector with the same name as another entity
- Fixed bug where tabbing out of Parent dropdown in Add Event window causes its value to change
Fixed display issue where very long unbroken text strings such as URLs may be cutoff instead of wrapping to a new line

* Version 2.2*
Version 2.2 contains an overhaul to syncing with writing projects as well as many other added features and bug fixes.

Scrivener and Ulysses Syncing

- New ability to sync with Ulysses as well as Scrivener
- New Status Popover shows Scrivener/Ulysses document metadata values inside Aeon Timeline, and allows you to view and select between changed values ahead of syncing
- Ability to view and select individual preferred values when resolving conflicts
- New Warnings tab highlights any documents in the Scrivener/Ulysses project needing special attention, such as conflicts, new documents, or documents linked with deleted events
- New Events tab lists new unlinked events and events linked to deleted items in a convenient easy-to-find location
- Projects can now be configured to sync only with text documents (and not folders, PDFs etc)
- Linked Scrivener or Ulysses documents are now automatically added as external links in the Event Inspector
- Entire sub-trees of your writing project can now be set to be ignored. All present documents underneath that folder, and any added in the future, will be ignored.
- A newly added Sync menu gives you access to all syncing functionality.
- A new Manage Projects window allows you to remove synced projects from the timeline.
- New Create in Inbox function provides a quick shortcut to creating new documents from timeline events in a single location for you to sort through later.
- New Filter text field allows you to reduce the visible documents in the sync binder to show only those matching the entered text.
- Click on the intersection between event and entity to configure the relationship
- Set your own icons for Entity Types and Roles
- Binder now remembers the state of expanded and collapses nodes between launches
- Includes support for the latest and upcoming versions of Scrivener and Ulysses

Other New Features

- Added option to display a line marking "Today" on the timeline
- Added Date and Time format options to Timeline Settings (choose from
- Short/Medium/Long dates, and 12-hour or 24-hour time)
- Added ability to override date order (dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, or yyyy-mm-dd) in Preferences
- Added list property type that provides a list of valid values for a property
- Added ability to remove all dependencies for selected events
- Added touch-based scrolling for Relationship View
- Events that are faded due to completion now use a desaturated version of the original colour instead of grey
- Numeric timelines now allow entering decimal numbers for zoom limits so you can zoom in further
- Added negative age display in Relationship View
- Introduced new onboarding/tutorials from the Help menu
- User manual now included in the downloaded app

Plus numerous bug fixes and stability improvements



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